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Google can now recommend you the cheapest time to book a flight

Key Takeaways

  • Google Flights now recommends the best time to book a flight based on data trends, helping you save money on your travel plans.
  • Price tracking feature notifies you if flight costs drop significantly, but you need to be logged in to your Google account for this functionality.
  • Google offers a price guarantee badge, assuring that flight prices won’t go down. If they do, Google will reimburse you through Google Pay.

Google Flights is a fairly mature service, launched over a decade ago, which enables customers to book flights to various destinations around the globe through third-party suppliers. It packs a ton of features including the ability to filter based on budget, destination, carbon emissions, and more to find the best possible flight in terms of bang for your buck. Now, the company is improving this service even further through three new and existing capabilities.

Google Flights already shows you whether current travel tickets to a destination are higher or lower than other months, but Google is going a step beyond this by now recommending you the best time to book a flight. For example, based on its data trends and analytics, the company may suggest you to delay or speed up your flight booking process in accordance with your departure dates and the prices in the neighboring days, weeks, and months.

Next up, we have price tracking which works in tandem with the feature described above. It will automatically notify you if the flight cost drops “significantly” once you select a date range for departure to a destination. However, Google has emphasized that you’ll need to be logged in to your Google account to leverage this functionality, which makes sense considering that it involves targeted automated notifications.

Lastly, in order to facilitate this process even further, Google also displays a badge for a price guarantee. This indicates that the price for a flight won’t go down below the one listed, so you should book it. These are available for select itineraries for flights departing from the United States as a part of the Book on Google pilot program. Interestingly, if the price does dip below the one guaranteed, Google will pay you back the balance through Google Pay.

These features are rolling out this week and can be leveraged through the Google Flights service here.


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