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Tough choices ahead as costs soar for Washington transportation projects

A financial reckoning is here for Washington’s transportation system.

Contract prices to build roads, remove culverts, and overhaul ferries continue to soar due to a confluence of factors: inflation, supply chain woes, worker shortages, and fewer bidders. One contract alone, to construct new express lanes and bus rapid transit stations on a stretch of Interstate 405 in Bothell, will cost the state $250 million more than anticipated.

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kAm{2H>2<6CD 7246 2 D:>:=2C 5:=6>>2 H:E9 E96:C 2>3:E:@FD A=2? E@ 3F:=5 ?6H 9J3C:5 6=64EC:4 DE2E6 76CC:6D]k^Am

kAm{2DE J62C E96J 62C>2C<65 S` 3:==:@? E@ 3F:=5 7:G6] %92E DF> 4@F=5 @?=J 4@G6C 7@FC :7 E96C6 😀 2 adT C:D6 😕 4@DED] q:5D H@?’E 36 D@F89E F?E:= =2E6 E9:D J62C 2?5 @A6?65 ?6IE J62C] p c_T :?4C62D6 H@F=5 >62? E96 S` 3:==:@? >:89E @?=J DEC6E49 72C 6?@F89 E@ 3F:=5 E9C66]k^Am

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kAmq2C<:D 2?5 z:?8 H2?E E@ D66 D2=6D E2I 4@==64E65 7C@> >@E@C G69:4=6 AFC492D6D C65:C64E65 7C@> E96 @A6C2E:?8 3F586E :?E@ E96 EC2?DA@CE2E:@? 3F586E] #6AF3=:42?D 92G6 =@?8 2C8F65 E96C6’D 2 4=62C ?6IFD 36EH66? E9@D6 E2I6D 2?5 EC2?DA@CE2E:@? ?665D] s6>@4C2ED 92G6 @AA@D65 DF49 2 >@G6]k^Am

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