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An unlikely leaker just gave the best Starfield review ever

“Best” and “first” aren’t mutually exclusive; you can be the first to do something and not be the best to do it. And, while the Starfield review embargo hasn’t lifted yet and Bethesda has expressed its disappointment in all of those leaking the information about the upcoming space opera, no executive will express displeasure with what a surprising source just said.

This Starfield review just set a pretty high bar for others to live up to.

Fresh off the premiere of the live-action trailer of Starfield at Gamescom 2023, which has temporarily overshadowed by a deviant GTA 6 fan, @Memphian94 posted a video on YouTube Shorts where he, while smoking what appears to be a blunt – that’s marijuana for those who aren’t aware of what that means – and hanging out on his porch, told everyone words that will reverberate all over the internet, “Todd, no offense but that’s a good game.”

As of the time of writing, the video is still up, and you’re free to watch it yourself. We’re still unsure why Bethesda didn’t take it down, but we’re pretty sure it doesn’t include actual footage in it. 

Now, we don’t know if this guy is actually serious about having a review copy of Starfield or if it’s from a friend of his who let him play it, but he did say that it took all of five minutes to put on a helmet in the game. If he’s doing what we think he’s doing everyday, it’s easy to see why. 

With that said, giving away a review copy to a relatively unknown reviewer probably explains why Bethesda is playing a frustrating game trying to catch all the leaks that’s going on – he’s doesn’t even have a following, or at least, not before this video goes viral. 

My man has posted a couple of dozen videos on YouTube Shorts and some gambling videos on his YouTube channel. It doesn’t take a lot of scrolling down to see that he doesn’t have an actual review of a game outside of his YouTube Shorts video talking about Starfield and that actual short footage of Starfield that’s just long enough for you to make out that he’s actually playing it.

After the sandwiches in Starfield went viral, it doesn’t surprise us that it’s attracting a “certain” type of audience.

Not that we’re complainin. “No offense man, that’s a good game,” is pure gold.

If anyone from Bethesda is reading this, we beg you to put the soon-to-be-meme-hall-of-fame phrase on Starfield’s boxart or on the accolades trailer. This is too good to waste.

In all seriousness (not that we weren’t serious about everything we said before this line), it’s nice to see all the positive impressions that Starfield has been making ever since Bethesda started giving away the review copies. It’s a good sign that Sarfield is fun enough even to a guy who’s clearly not into RPGs, saying that Starfield is a “different kind of game” and warns viewers that “you gotta read” finds it appealing. 

We’re pretty sure that the reviewer will be an even bigger fan as soon as mods about growing certain plants in Starfield make their way into the game.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Diablo 4, and Baldur’s Gate 3, which are games that Starfield will inevitably be compared to, are accessible enough for most casual gamers but they’re not exactly for non-gamers. 

The way that we see it, Starfield has just the right amount of narrative-driven stuff and content that doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

Here’s to hoping that we’re right – we’ll find out soon enough in the lead up to the launch of Starfield on September 6. 


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