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How To Eat A Croissant – Live and Let's Fly

Instagram etiquette expert William Hanson has taught me how to eat a croissant when I travel.

How To Eat A Croissant – Yes, Apparently This Is A Right And Wrong Way

Meet William Hanson, a self-professed etiquette expert. He has enlightened all of us on the right way and the wrong way to eat a croissant:

The travel hook in this story is personal in nature, as I love croissants, but exhibit remarkable self-control in failing to eat them or other lovely pastries at home. When I travel, though, you will catch me eating croissants on airplanes and hotels. I do enjoy them.

And I’m not much of a marmalade guy…nor do I cut them with a knife. But I do butter them. That’s apparently a faux pax according to Hanson. And yes, I sometimes do dip them in coffee. Another no-no.

I’m genuinely impressed by some of the things can become so viral on social media, but I really shouldn’t be considering the top 10 stories each year on Live And Let’s Fly.

I do quite enjoy the pretentious accent and wonder how he got his credentials as the etiquette king. Was it just a well-made serious of videos with the right hashtags?

In any case, I will think twice before buttering my croissant next time!


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