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Cruise worker warns of mistake that could see you 'miss the ship'

Always check what time is ‘ship time’.


Always check what time is ‘ship time’.

A cruise worker has shared a common mistake passengers make that in a worse-case scenario, could see you being left behind by the ship.

Australian dancer Ethan James, who works as part of the entertainment team onboard cruise ships, warned travellers to make sure they understand a thing called “ship time”.

“So I’ve seen a lot of people miss their ship and I will see a lot of pier runners, people running when we leave port,” he said in a TikTok.

“I’ve been getting a lot of questions and comments about it, so this is why a lot of people do miss their ship.

“So we have a thing called ship time, if you don’t know what ship time is, well you’re going to learn now.”

In fact, he called it the “most important thing”.

“Lets just say you leave from Miami and it’s 3pm in Miami, you’re going to be on Miami time,” he continued, stressing if you’re travelling somewhere and it is on a different time zone then you need to make sure your mobile phone doesn’t automatically adjust the time.

”Always manually set it to what the ship time is.”

He recalled an example of a couple who missed the ship because the time difference was two hours.

“So as we were leaving we saw them running, because they realised they missed the ship.”

“Don’t be that one person we all laugh at,” he added in the caption.

Indeed, just a few months ago a woman was slammed as ‘entitled’ after she held up a cruise ship for 45 minutes because she was late to arrive back at the port.

Other passengers did not take kindly to the move, and a clip on TikTok shows hundreds of people at their cabin balconies jeering, shouting and clapping while she makes her way up to the dock.

It’s important to note that some cruise ships will wait for passengers. Rules differ between cruise lines, but captains often take into account the number of people missing, planned arrival times and other factors before making the decision to leave a passenger behind.

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