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X/Twitter Users Trick People Passing Universal Studios Attraction Videos As Flash Flood Occurrences In L.A.

Southern California was hit by Tropical Storm Hilary on Sunday which brought heavy rain to the west coast with some parts experiencing flooding.

As the storm made landfall, social media was abuzz with people commenting on their experiences. Content was being shared on platforms like X, the microblogging site formerly known as Twitter.

A particular video went viral that showcased a subway station being flooded with water. The user that shared it said it was the L.A. Metro Station at the corner of Wilshire and Vermont.

The problem was that it was obviously a joke as the video was showcasing the movie-making magic of Hollywood at Universal Studios during the earthquake component of the tram tour.

Although it was obvious to many people that this was a joke, several reporters chasing the storm were tricked and thought it was real, even going as far as to ask permission to use the video for their broadcast station.

“This is a ride at Universal Studios. Duh,” Metro L.A. clarified on X sharing the viral video.

“Dang I got take… flooding video in metro is fake! It’s [a] ride at Universal,” KABC reporter Leanne Suter posted on X.

A second video from the Universal Studios backlot tram tour also went viral showcasing a flash flood. An X user claimed there was flooding at the park as the tropical storm hit but it was all part of the attraction.


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