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No, that's not LA's transit system underwater. That's just Universal Studios Hollywood's iconic studio tour.

  • Tropical Storm Hilary hit Southern California on Sunday afternoon.
  • Some are joking that an old clip of a LA theme park ride is real-time footage of the storm’s impact.
  • The ride took passengers through a simulated 8.3-magnitude earthquake in a subway station.

Did a storm wipe out a Los Angeles Metro Rail station this afternoon?

Nope. That’s just a stop on the famous Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour.

As Hurricane Hilary was downgraded to Tropical Storm Hilary on Sunday, people on social media shared an old clip of a portion of the tour that immerses passengers on the set of some of the studios’ most iconic films.”This is a ride at Universal Studios. Duh,” Metro Los Angeles wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

One part of the ride features a simulation of an 8.3-magnitude earthquake in a city subway station.

According to Insider Universal, the earthquake portion of the tour is currently closed for refurbishment until 2024.

A Universal Hollywood Studios spokesperson did not immediately return a request for comment sent during the weekend.

The reference, however, is fitting: This afternoon, a 5.1-magnitude earthquake struck the Ojai area, a city northwest of Los Angeles.

Online, people were quick to dub the event “Hurriquake.”

The Universal ride also features a simulated flash flood when the tram stops on the set that looks like a small town in Mexico.

Pockets of Southern California and Mexico are experiencing flooding, however.

CNN reported on a video showing intense flooding completely engulfing the streets of Baja, California.

Rainfall is expected to continue throughout Sunday and Monday in Southern California.


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