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New Jersey's Most Charming Restaurant Is Among Best in United States

If you want a romantic place to dine then you need that special place that is charming and heartwarming. A restaurant that has that special cozy feeling to make you and that special person feel loved and comfortable. Whether it’s a first day, a proposal sight, or a 20th anniversary dinner, a great romantic restaurant is a good find and Lovefood has put together a list of the most charming restaurants around the nation. Annie Spratt Annie Spratt



According to Lovefood, “We’ve rounded up the most charming spots to dine, from historic buildings turned into boutique restaurants to romantic date venues with breathtaking views.”



The restaurant selected by Lovefood is located in Monmouth County. Scarborough Fair in Sea Girt was chosen as their most charming restaurant in the Garden State. “A farmhouse for more than 100 years, this cute building is now the home to one of New Jersey’s most romantic restaurants. Sea Girt’s Scarborough Fair Restaurant features rustic interiors, atmospheric lighting, and a number of private dining alcoves on their own levels, making you feel you’re the only ones in the restaurant.”



So is there a romantic restaurant you would recommend as New Jersey’s most romantic? We love getting your input so nominate a restaurant and post your comments below. Have you dined at Scarborough Fair in Sea Girt? Give us your review of the restaurant and let us know if this is a great “date night” restaurant. Can’t get enough “cozy” places to dine, so let us know where we should go for a romantic night out.


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