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17 Travelers Who Had A Baaaaaaaaaaaad Vacation


“I was backpacking in New Zealand with a friend right after college. We were staying in a little beach town, Kaikoura, which ended up being the epicenter of a 7.8 earthquake at 12 a.m. one night. It shook for what felt like two minutes straight. We had to haul ass to the top of a hill due to a tsunami warning. We were frantic and didn’t grab warm enough clothes, and we sat up there freezing for almost 12 hours. The roads had all cracked and we ended up stranded there for three days. There was no service, electricity, or running water. Our hostel owner happened to know someone with a spring, so we got fresh water. He also let us stay the three days for free, super nice dude.”

“We ate food from Red Cross stands and called our families with wifi at the hospital. People were getting choppered out by priority (elderly, kids, health issues.) On the third day, our tour bus company coordinated a chopper out for us to a nearby town and then bussed to Christchurch. We immediately called the airlines and changed our tickets to go the hell home the next day.”



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