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'Like a spaceship': Logan Airport passengers get a first look at Terminal E's new wing

Logan Airport passengers get a first look at Terminal E’s new wing

Logan Airport passengers get a first look at Terminal E’s new wing


BOSTON – If you’ve been around Logan Airport recently, you’ve probably seen the sweeping, new, shiny red roof that extends from the end of Terminal E. It’s an expansion project that’s been in the works for five years, and it quietly opened to the public just this week.

“The shape I can’t tell really what the shape is, but I like it,” said a passenger waiting outside.

“Like a spaceship,” said another passenger next to him.

Then a girl chimed in. “It looks like a boat,” she said.

Inside, for the first time, passengers are using a new waiting room in Terminal E. “Looks modern to me,” said Jan Swpacher, sitting at a table, waiting for a flight to Germany.

Through a glass window, the public can get a glimpse of an area that’s closed off to anyone without a ticket. Passengers could be seen heading to new gates that just began operating Tuesday, an area MassPort would not allow WBZ TV access to.

“It’s sort of a shame for the public not to see this unless they’re flying through it,” said David Slotnick, a reporter for the travel website, ThePointsGuy. He got a sneak peak, but was restricted to only take pictures of Delta Airlines’ new SkyClub.  “This is the first impression that people see, and Boston is obviously continuing to grow as a major city. There are more international flights than there were, there are more domestic flights than there were.”

The expansion also includes more space and new restaurants. Terminal E now has a total of 16 gates, which means passengers may spend less time sitting on planes taxiing or parked on the tarmac. “It really is sort of the start of a new era in travel not just here, but around the country,” said Slotnick. “For Boston to be part of that, I think it’s really important.”

A spokesperson for MassPort said a grand opening is planned for this fall.


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