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Are school bus issues putting the brakes on learning?

We are now in the first full week of school. While one might expect to hit some snags, WINK News has heard some very similar issues to years past.

One parent told WINK News, “The first day of school the bus was an hour late, second day of school it was 15 minutes late and today it was 45 minutes late.”

To help with those sorts of delays, school districts utilize apps. Charlotte, Collier and Lee County school districts all use the “Where’s the Bus” app. It allows parents to track their child’s school bus.

It’s also supposed to alert you if your student’s bus number changes.

“My children were on a different bus and I never received a text saying they were moved to a different bus,” added one mom.

So, have you hit any snags getting your kids to and from class on time? How has your app worked?

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