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Disney Guests Spot Spider-Man Pranking Marvel Hero


Credit: marmaryeesa2022, via TikTok

The Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU has left an impressive 15-year impact on cinema in the Hollywood Industry. They may not have created the concept of a serialized universe in movies, but their growing collection of projects have redefined blockbusters and the superhero genre. These 32 feature films, nine TV series, and three special presentations have generated a staggering $29.5 billion for Disney.  The lore of the MCU had become such a permanent fixture within pop culture that the next phase for Disney was to incorporate this marvelous franchise into the Disney Parks.

An overview of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, featuring dozens of characters.
Credit: Marvel

Avengers Campus has been the newest land added to Disney California Adventure (DCA) since June 2021. Even though it is not the largest area at the Disneyland Resort, it distinguished itself from other attraction-heavy lands by having a massive roster of characters guests could interact with at the Park.

Photo Credit: Disney Parks

They showcased multiple foundational heroes each day, such as Iron Man, Thor, Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange. Marvel Studios would also craftily teamed-up with the Disney parks to introduce new limited time characters with each release of a new Marvel project. One of the most popular editions that has remained in the land has been Shang-Chi.

Shang Chi Simu Liu Avengers Campus
Credit: Screenshot Via Disney Parks YouTube

It is not commonplace for Marvel characters at Avengers Campus to interact with one another much while with guests, but one famous Avenger decided to play a lighthearted prank against one of its new inductees. Here is the interaction captured by guests:


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The video of a stealthy Web-Head sneaking up behind the martial arts virtuoso was a special sighting. Spider-Man even brought along pint-sized guests to witness him put up the classic “bunny ears” sign, followed by the “silly moose” behind the ten-rings master. Guests were delighted and surprised to see such a silly, unpolished moment between the two Marvel heroes. They certainly seemed to enjoy themselves as they documented the unique event.

Credit: marmaryeesa2022, via TikTok

Should Disney advise for more Marvel heroes to have impromptu interactions? What has been the weirdest you have seen so far?


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