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A video showing Delta Airlines auctioning '$700 to $1,200' vouchers for passengers to be bumped off a flight went viral, and people online say they'd take it in a heartbeat

  • A video of a Delta Air Lines gate agent auctioning travel vouchers in exchange for seats went viral. 
  • The gate agent could be heard offering travel vouchers for up to $1,200 in the video.
  • A Delta spokesperson told Daily Dot that travel vouchers were sometimes offered for overbooked flights.

A video showing a man listening to a Delta Air Lines gate agent auctioning cash vouchers to bump passengers off a flight went viral, and some people online said that it was a good deal. 

The video, posted by a user named Simone Aldredge on TikTok, showed a man who the user said was her husband at John F. Kennedy International Airport waiting to board a flight. The video was posted on July 10 and recently went viral again, garnering more than three million views.

In the background, a gate agent could be heard making announcements inviting people to take vouchers in exchange for their seats on the flight. 

“Please see me at the podium, this time I’m offering $700, ladies and gentlemen,” the agent could be heard saying in the video. But there were “no takers,” so the agent “kept raising the offer,” Aldredge wrote in the video. 

The agent then raised the price to $1,100 for passengers to volunteer to be bumped off the flight, adding that he was looking specifically for passengers who were heading to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to take up the offer. He later raised the offer to $1,200.

“You’ll receive your compensation in the form of a gift card — American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Amazon, Best Buy, Airbnb, just to name a few. It’s your choice,” the agent said. In the video, the agent’s first name appeared to be Karl. 

Drake Castañeda, a Delta spokesperson, said to the Daily Dot that the airline offered travel vouchers in exchange for passengers’ seats in the event of overbooked flights.

Airlines often oversell flights so they make money on every seat, even when some passengers don’t show up for their flight. It’s a way for airlines to avoid empty seats, which causes them to lose potential revenue. 

Some users online said they would take the offer in a heartbeat, and that the money offered was worth missing the flight for. 


“Hubby and I pocket 1400 for an hour delay to ATL. Best investment ever,” one user wrote, referring to a flight to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. 

Another user commented: “We got $1200 each plus hotel, dinner and airport vouchers once. Worth it if you can do it!”

A few users were skeptical, with some saying that these offers in exchange for being bumped off a flight never happen where they live.

“Why do US airlines seem to always over sell the flight? I don’t think this happens in Aus at all,” the user wrote, referring to flights in Australia. 

Delta and Aldredge did not immediately respond to a request for comment sent outside regular office hours.


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