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Kalinagos receive keys to new homes in in Touna and Mahuat River/ Gualette River


Under the housing project sponsored by the European Union with the Government of Dominica as an implementation partner through the National Authority Office (NAO), seventeen residents, after a very long wait, will now receive keys to their houses. The Recipients have been complaining about the delay in delivering these keys. According to the
authorities, the delay was due to a number of logistics that had to be addressed.

In attendance for this unofficial ceremony were Donaldson Frederick (Kalinago Development Officer) who served as proxy for the Parliamentary Representative, Hon. Cozier Frederick; representatives from the NAO; staff from the Kalinago Upliftment Office; recipients and friends.

Mr. Tyson, a NAO representative said in his address to the recipients, “This phase is called defects and liability period. By this I mean, there are still minor fixing and touch up to be done and the contractor will have to come back to do these repairs”. He was cautioning the recipients not to be alarmed if faults are discovered but these faults should be reported to the office.

It was echoed to the Recipients that the best way of showing gratitude is to maintain the structure, plant flowers around the house, and ensure that they can share their home space with friends and relatives. Mr. Donaldson reiterated that they have to help themselves by getting their own furniture instead of waiting on Government to buy them kitchen equipment, and other furniture.

In closure, some recipients expressed their gratitude to the government, local leaders, and European Union for a gift that they were not sure would materialize at the current time.



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