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Police Respond To Noise Complaints In Popular Bali Beach Resort

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Bali is a destination well known for its world-class party scene. Travelers from all over the world head to the Island of the Gods to let loose and have fun in the sun.

But, of course, with partying comes noise, and some residents in one of Bali’s most popular resorts have had enough of late-night racket.

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The Head of the Kuta Traditional Village, Putu Adnyana, has revealed that he is receiving an increasing amount of complaints from residents and business owners in the read.

He said that entertainment venues in the Kuta area, including nightclubs and bars, have been causing noise disturbances for too long. 

Adnyana is calling on local nightlife venues in Kuta to be more considerate of the local community and the environment and think twice about noise levels late at night. 

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Adnyana said, “Indeed, nightclubs, especially in Kuta, are starting to get busy again. Yes, this is in line with the increase in foreign tourist arrivals as well. However, there are still many who don’t pay attention to the sound of music that triggers noise.”

This is an issue being faced not only by communities and accommodation businesses in Kuta but across Bali’s popular party destinations.

This time last year, noise complaints from the booming destination of Canggu hit the headlines and even triggered an online petition that was signed by thousands of local residents, business owners, and regular visitors to the area. 

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After public discussion and mediation, many of the leading beach clubs and nightlife venues in Canggu agreed to a sound level of 70 decibels outdoors and a closing time of 1am.

Major venues like Atlas Beach Club and Finns Beach Club were on board with the solution, as well as many other smaller venues in the area.

This solution has also been adopted in Kuta too, though lately, some businesses have been ignoring the community-business agreement.

As Bali is in the midst of the high season, popular party areas like Kuta are busy and bustling.

Naturally, nightlife venues want to keep the good times rolling for the sake of their profits, and tourists want to max out on the good vibes, but there has to be fair consideration for the communities and other tourists who also share the space. 

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Adnyana has confirmed that he is in communication with the nightlife venues in Kuta, which have been the target of noise complaints. He has communicated with them about the 70-decibel sound limit and the 1 am closing times. 

The local leader told reporters, “There are complaints from residents. So we immediately held persuasive actions by mediating both parties. So we give an appeal first before taking firm action.”


He added, “When visits increase, entertainment venues certainly need to be maintained properly without violating existing regulations. If [the issue] actually drags on, then we will follow up on it with the relevant [authorities]. “

Adnyana revealed that business owners who had received noise complaints were cooperative and understanding and had already taken action to address the noise disturbances created by their venues. 

He explained, “There have been changes; the residents have not complained about the noise. That said, it has been set according to standards, and the sound position is arranged in such a way.”


Moving forward, he hopes that nightlife venues in Kuta will continue to obey the rules to help promote the area as a fun, safe and relaxing place to visit in Bali.

Adnyana said, “For this reason, [we hope] every night club business pays attention to the decibels of the sound of its business music so that it does not trigger a disturbance to the comfort of local residents.”


Adnyana was sure not to mention the business that has received noise complaints by name. Kuta is undergoing a period of revival, and leaders are keen to build on the growing momentum.

Over the last few years, even before the pandemic, Kuta had started to fall out of favor with Bali travelers, many of whom opted to visit emerging party destinations like Canggu.

As these areas become busier than ever, laid-back, fun-loving Kuta is making a new name for itself.


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