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Five of the UK's wildest escapes in pictures

Outside of the UK, which other remote places have you explored?

I’ve spent time in the Himalayas. I’ve been up in Arunachal Pradesh in the north-east corner of India, which is quite difficult to get to. I travelled up to Tawang, on the Bhutanese border and to Ladakh on the other side of India.

I love being in remote places, but for me, travel is always about people. It’s very special to see how local cultures live in such a remote, unchanged landscape. It was amazing to be in a place where monasteries are perched on hilltops, surrounded by the Himalayan mountains, and to see the way people in these remote harsh environments survive and thrive.

What have you learned from your travel adventures?

Even though I’ve been to a lot of the world, I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface. Every time I go somewhere new, I realise how much more there is to see. I’ve also learned wonderful things about people around the world, how different people live, and how maybe I can take that back into my life and apply that to how I live.

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