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Laura Ingraham Goes Full Alex Jones on Biden’s New National Monument

Fox News host Laura Ingraham unveiled a particularly outlandish conspiracy theory involving President Joe Biden Wednesday night during her primetime show, accusing him of designating more than a million acres near the Grand Canyon as a national monument not to protect Native American tribal lands or combat climate change—as he suggested this week—but to keep the prices of uranium high as part of a shadowy plot to enrich the nation of Kazakhstan.

She offered up a tenuous thread to support her theory, citing several payments made to first son Hunter Biden’s various international business ventures by Kazakh oligarchs, but made no effort to offer proof of the complicated scheme.

“As long as Joe Biden is in power, a cloud of corruption hangs over this White House,” she asserted, despite Republicans’ repeated failures to tie Joe Biden to his son’s business ventures. “Take his announcement yesterday, brazenly crippling America’s uranium mining capacity by making 1 million acres permanently off-limits for any type of mining.”

“He has a lot of treasures he wants to protect. But it’s just more green smoke because uranium, that’s obviously found in this million acres, is vital not just for nuclear power plants, but for our weapons systems,” she continued. “And what country—when you think about how this is all being cordoned off, can’t do any mining here—is one of the biggest beneficiaries of Joe’s courageous decision? None other than Kazakhstan, home of one of Biden’s preferred oligarchs and one of his son’s sugar daddies. It’s now guaranteed to remain the dominant supplier of uranium to the United States with its 35 percent share.”

Ingraham ended with a simple caveat—nodding to the fact that she had no proof of the scheme, only the fact that “it all could really make perfect sense, couldn’t it?”

“One of the most crooked families in American politics is responsible for making America permanently dependent on one of the most crooked countries on the face of the planet,” she said.


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