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Canada Line track issue leads to transit delays in Richmond

A shuttle train and bus bridge had been put in place in Richmond as a result of a Canada Line track issue and those hoping to get to YVR were been told to expect delays as a result.

TransLink announced Tuesday morning that the track issue was between Bridgeport to Brighouse and customers must transfer trains at Bridgeport Station to continue their journey.

However, there were trains still in place between Vancouver and the airport.

Vancouver International Airport wrote that passengers should “give [themselves] plenty of time this morning to get to the airport” as a result of the track issues.

Photos on social media show a massive crowd growing as of 9 am Tuesday.

When asked on social media how often the shuttle train would run, TransLink said it did not have that information.

Others said they were at the bus stop at Brighouse Bay 1 but had not seen a shuttle, to which the company said it was working to add more buses to the route.

Those leaving Richmond towards Waterfront were also impacted by this issue.

Expo and Millennium lines were not affected.

However, just before 11 am Tuesday, TransLink said the issue has been fixed and service has resumed.

But those passengers could still expect some delays.


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