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Meme-inspiring 'not real' American Airlines passenger is a Lakewood resident

The woman who went viral for storming off her American Airlines flight while yelling “That motherf_cker back there is not real” is a Lakewood homeowner, the New York Post and The Daily Beast report, and a very successful marketing executive.

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The national publications reported Monday that the woman, who also exclaimed, “You can sit on this plane and you can f_cking die with them or not. I’m not going to,” has been identified as 38-year-old marketing executive Tiffany Gomas. She was named a “rising star” in 2017 by a trade publication.

According to The Daily Beast, “Gomas, who reportedly lives in a $2 million home in Dallas’ ritzy Lakewood neighborhood, was never taken into custody,” although the flight crew was upset enough by her outburst to deplane and re-screen all passengers. They also refused to let her back on and issued a criminal trespass notice, which she reportedly refused to sign.

Also, reportedly, she has declined to comment on the ordeal, though perhaps in a few months, when everyone has forgotten her sensational moment, she will explain herself to her local Lakewood magazine (us, I mean us).

Citing a criminal complaint, the New York Post notes that Gomas was arguing with relatives she was traveling with when she erupted into her now infamous tirade.

According to the website Know Your Meme, the clip was first posted on Tik Tok (and since deleted on that account) by user @texasarkansan on July 3. “The video gained over 14 million views and 1.2 million likes in three days on the platform.” And it just kept going from there.

It has inspired body analysts’ reactions, bad guesses at the woman’s identity,  conspiracy theories and endless reposts and comments, to name a few.

Since the video dropped, keyboard warriors have guessed that she was intoxicated or mentally ill. Some assumed she was reenacting a Twilight Zone episode or a scene from Bridesmaids. Some speculated that she may have actually been sitting next to a ghost.

But it’s most likely, based on all the intel we now have, she was having a bad day and her family was on her last nerve.

By the way, the unequivocal best meme to come out of this whole thing was this group of dog owners doing the “pug version of lady on a plane.” Please enjoy now.


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