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Viral video of air hostess welcoming parents in flight wins hearts. Watch

A flight attendant recently shared a heartwarming scene from the plane on Instagram. The video shows the attendant welcoming her parents onboard the flight. (Also Read: Air hostess records MS Dhoni sleeping on flight, netizens share mixed reactions)

An air hostess shared a video of welcoming her parents onboard the plane. (Instagram/@AsmitaJaatni)
An air hostess shared a video of welcoming her parents onboard the plane. (Instagram/@AsmitaJaatni)

The video was shared on social media by user Asmita Jaatni. The clip opens to show Asmita standing at the doors of the plane. As her parents walk in, she greets and welcomes them onboard. The clip further also shows Asmita sitting near them. In the caption of the post, she wrote, “And the VIP pax onboard, special feeling”

Watch the video of Asmita Jaatni welcoming her parents on the flight here:

This post was shared on August 2. Since being posted, it has been viewed more than 19.2 million times. The share has also received several likes and comments.

Check out what people are saying about this video here:

An individual wrote, “Happiness can be seen in the eyes of both dad and daughter too in this clip. Dad is proud that his daughter is in such a good post, and daughter is happy because she can see proud in her dad’s eyes.” Another commented, “This is a very special moment for every parent. Great job, sis.” A third posted, “See how proudly he is looking at her. I think he might have gone to that past days thinking how small she was and see now.” A fourth shared, “A very proud moment for your parents.” A fifth added, “Great moments for parents and real happiness on daughter’s face.” A sixth said, “God bless you with much more happiness.” A few others also reacted to the clip using heart emojis. What do you think about this video?


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