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8 End-Of-Summer Vacation Destinations For Canadians Looking For A Warm-Weather Getaway

Looking to book some last-minute summer travel? If you want to vacation in stunning destinations this September without having to compromise on having beautiful, summery weather, there are a few cities around the globe you may want to check out.

According to Skyscanner, certain cities offer temperatures similar to that of the height of Canadian summer well into September, meaning you can book an end-of-summer trip and enjoy fewer crowds, cheaper airfare and hotel rates without having to sacrifice on hot temperatures.

Ready to get going? Here are eight end-of-summer destinations for Canadians with hot weather and endless charm.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Why You Need To Go: For a classic vacation destination from Canada, look no further than Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Surrounded by the lush foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains and overlooking the Bay of Bandera, Puerto Vallarta offers something for every kind of traveller, whether you’re looking for adventure-filled activities or want to have a relaxing vacation.

With 360 days of sunshine and average daily highs of 28 C in September, the city offers summery weather perfect for exploring the city or hitting the beach.

And speaking of beaches, the city offers an abundance of gorgeous beaches to choose from — 22, in fact, each with golden sands and clear, aquamarine water.

By travelling here in September, you can expect fewer crowds and cheaper airfare without compromising on gorgeous weather.

Puerto Vallarta Tourism website

New York City, U.S.

Why You Need To Go: You may not consider a city like New York to be an end-of-summer destination, but it turns out the city could be a great spot for quick getaway from Canada.

New York City in September offers average daily highs of a comfortable 24 C, great weather for walking around the city and exploring.

Visiting in September means fewer crowds than during other times of the year, like October and December, which are said to be the busiest times to visit.

You can also find a cheaper deal on airfare from Canada to NYC during the month. According to KAYAK, September offers some of the lowest airfare when departing from airports in Toronto and Vancouver.

While it seems like there’s always an endless number of things to do in the city, some draws of visiting during September include New York Fashion Week, which runs from the 7-13, and NYC Broadway Week, which runs from the 4-17 and allows you to get your hands on 2-for-1 tickets to some of the best shows on Broadway.

New York City Tourism website

Nassau, Bahamas

Why You Need To Go: More of an obvious choice for a getaway, Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, offers perfect summer weather well into September and beyond.

Around the end of the season, Nassau sees daily average highs of 30 C, an ideal temperature for cooling off in the turquoise waters of one of the city’s beaches, which are also some of the best beaches in the Bahamas.

You’ll find September to be a less busy month compared to months like August, November and December, according to KAYAK.

As for what you can do while you’re there, you’ll find tons of thrilling adventures in Nassau to choose from, whether you want to explore the wonders of the sea by snorkelling or scuba diving or take a catamaran cruise along the coast.

Bahamas Tourism website

Lisbon, Portugal

Why You Need To Go: Portugal’s capital is the perfect place to visit if you want a destination with tons of history and culture, delicious food and gorgeous weather.

The sun shines 290 days a year in Lisbon, with September seeing average daily highs of toasty 28 C (meaning it’ll basically feel like summer in Canada).

Some of the benefits of visiting in September include cheaper hotel rates and fewer crowds, according to the U.S. News & World Report.

The city offers a blend of historical sites and architecture, pristine beaches on the shores of the Atlantic, and incredible gastronomy — be sure to eat a Portuguese tart or two while you’re there.

Lisbon Tourism website

Casablanca, Morocco

Why You Need To Go: Made famous by the 1942 movie of the same name, Casablanca is a picture-perfect end-of-summer destination that offers beautiful attractions and gorgeous weather.

In September, the scorching heat of summer has mostly passed, and visitors are left with pleasant temperatures, with daily average highs of 27 C during the month, as well as fewer crowds compares to summer months.

Situated on the Atlantic coast, Casablanca is a bustling metropolis of Morocco — it’s the largest city in the country and is considered to be its economic capital.

Here, you can explore charming districts and take a stroll in the medina, or old town, which is one of the latest medinas built in Morocco.

While you’re here, consider taking a tour of the Hassan II Mosque, a breathtaking structure that is one of the largest mosques in Africa.

Morocco Tourism website

Seoul, South Korea

Why You Need To Go: The capital of South Korea has surprisingly pleasant weather come September, with Seoul seeing average daily highs of 25 C.

The city is likely featured on many travellers’ bucket lists, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s home to sleek skyscrapers, shopping, well-preserved royal palaces and Buddhist temples and so many other unique cultural attractions and experiences.

September is a less busy month to visit the city, and also offers cheaper airfare than summer months, according to KAYAK.

Some not-to-miss sites in the city include Gyeongbokgung Palace, the Seoul Tower, Bukchon Hanok Village and Dongdaemun Market, which is one of South Korea’s largest wholesale and retail shopping districts.

Seoul Tourism website

Athens, Greece

Why You Need To Go: The gateway to Greece, Athens is an ideal city to visit in September and perfect for an end-of-summer trip that doesn’t sacrifice on charm.

In September, some of the crowds have died down in the city and the weather is much more pleasant.

In the middle of summer, the city can see scorching heat, with highs of 40 degrees, while September’s weather offers average daily highs of a much nicer 24 C.

You can also find much cheaper airfare from certain cities in Canada for this month, according to KAYAK, compared to August.

Sunshine during this month is “pretty much a given” and visitors can also expect to see cheaper hotel rates, according to U.S. News.

Fewer crowds and gorgeous weather will make it easier to enjoy this historic destination and visit classic sites like the Acropolis and the city of Parthenon.

Greece Tourism website

Nice, France

Why You Need To Go: Located on the Mediterranean coast, Nice, France has “all the charm of a southern city.”

Breathtaking views of pristine beaches with azure waters and old-city streets lined with charming shops and restaurants await visitors.

September is said to be one of the best times to visit the city, the shoulder season when room rates and airfare are lower and the weather sees average daily highs of a pleasant 25 C.

Between sunbathing on one of the city’s stunning beaches, be sure to also check out the Old Town and the picturesque Place Masséna.

Nice Tourism website

Bon voyage!

Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.


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