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New Bride Doll, Madame Leota Soap Dispenser, and More Haunted Mansion Merchandise at Walt Disney World

It’s basically Halloween at Walt Disney World Resort, and new Haunted Mansion merchandise has been materializing for weeks. We found a few new items, including the collectible Bride doll, at Memento Mori in Magic Kingdom.

Bride Doll – $149.99

HM Merch Memento Mori 7 29 9

A ghost will follow you home if you purchase this collectible doll of the Haunted Mansion’s Bride, Constance Hatchaway.

HM Merch Memento Mori 7 29 10

Constance is in her form-fitting white dress, with a veil hanging over her pale white face. She carries a candle and her heart is represented with a red brooch on her chest.

HM Merch Memento Mori 7 29 12

The doll comes in a box with a carrying strap on top.

HM Merch Memento Mori 7 29 13

The back of the box has information about Constance Hatchaway.

HM Merch Memento Mori 7 29 14

Madame Leota Bath Mat – $34.99

HM Merch Memento Mori 7 29 28

This plush bathmat is shaped like Madame Leota’s crystal ball and stand.

HM Merch Memento Mori 7 29 39

She’s depicted in a cartoon-ish style we’ve seen on other merchandise, with bright blue hair, rosy cheeks, and a purple stand with candles around her.

HM Merch Memento Mori 7 29 29

Madame Leota Soap Dispenser – $24.99

HM Merch Memento Mori 7 29 31

The soap dispenser features the same art style.

HM Merch Memento Mori 7 29 35

Madame Leota’s face is pictured on the side of an orb container for the soap.

HM Merch Memento Mori 7 29 33

It comes on a purple stand with a silver top.

HM Merch Memento Mori 7 29 34
HM Merch Memento Mori 7 29 36
HM Merch Memento Mori 7 29 38

Haunted Mansion Phone Case – $34.99

Haunted Mansion Phone Case Memento Mori 1

This phone case reads “There’s no turning back now” against off-kilter rectangles of black, blue, and purple.

Haunted Mansion Phone Case Memento Mori 2

In the center is the grandfather clock that points to the number 13, depicted in green and pink with the shadow of a hand passing over it.

Haunted Mansion Travel Case – $39.99

haunted mansion merch 1893

The black travel case features the Hatbox Ghost in shades of blue and purple beneath “Welcome Foolish Mortals” on the front. It’s for holding various tech accessories and cords.

haunted mansion merch 1896
haunted mansion merch 1895

It comes with an eye mask featuring spooky blue eyes.

haunted mansion travel case back

The Hitchhiking Ghosts are pictured on the back of the case, below another pair of eyes. They’re standing on a purple New Orleans-inspired balcony reminiscent of the Disneyland version of the attraction.

Reversible Haunted Mansion Lanyard – $14.99

haunted mansion merch 1903

The Haunted Mansion lanyard is blue on one side with small Haunted Mansion images like a gargoyle, bell, and gravestone pictured.

haunted mansion merch 1905
haunted mansion merch 1904

The other side is black with images of the Hatbox Ghost, Hitchhiking Ghosts, and more iconography.

Madame Leota Doormat – $39.99

haunted mansion merch 1907

This second Madame Leota floormat is a more traditional style reminiscent of a Ouija board. It’s black and white, with Madame Leota in the center and urns to the sides.

haunted mansion merch 1911
haunted mansion merch 1908

“Haunted Mansion” is across the top around a gargoyle.

haunted mansion merch 1913

“We’ve been dying to have you” is across the bottom.

haunted mansion merch 1912

“Awaken all spirits” and “Rest in peace” are printed beneath the urns.

haunted mansion merch 1910

Check out more Haunted Mansion merchandise:

The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion with Lamppost

The original Haunted Mansion opened in 1969 as part of the New Orleans Square expansion in Disneyland. Two years later, it was an opening day attraction in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom. It was also an opening day attraction at Tokyo Disneyland in 1983.

Phantom Manor is a version of the Haunted Mansion with its own original backstory at Disneyland Paris.

In Hong Kong Disneyland, guests can enjoy Mystic Manor. This ride is inspired by Haunted Mansion but is ultimately a completely different attraction that avoids references to the afterlife out of respect to Chinese traditions.

Work has begun for the installation of the Hatbox Ghost in Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion.

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