Los Angeles | The Place of Dreams

 Los Angeles | The Place of Dreams

Living in Los Angeles is equal parts thrilling and overwhelming. In one day, you can spend your morning hiking in the mountains and your evening dining on the beach. Unfortunately, to do all of this, you will still have to fight the infamous LA traffic.

Life in Los Angeles is full of contradictions and extremes. The landscape spans from mountains to skyscrapers to beaches. Homes range from luxurious mansions to cramped studio apartments. Even neighboring restaurants on the same city block can be anything from a Michelin star eatery to a cheap taco food truck.

Home to a large shipping port and major international airport, LA welcomes expats from across the globe. Expats are just as likely to live next door to someone from their home country as they are a native Californian.

There are many pros and cons to living in Los Angeles. The city is expensive, but also diverse enough to meet nearly any budget. Some areas of the city are very safe, while others are incredibly dangerous. The standard of living is generally high, with top-rated hospitals and an abundance of cultural activities, but the high quality also comes with a steep price tag.

Luckily, with this variety comes a lot of options. Whether you have moved to LA solo, with a large family, or as an older couple, the vibrant LA lifestyle can suit anyone. Expats will feel at home in a city as diverse and multicultural as LA. Los Angeles County is fueled by mass immigration thanks to its active shipping port and busy LAX airport. The county is even home to one of the Top 10 most diverse cities in the US: Long Beach.

No matter where you are from, you are sure to find a bit of your home country in LA, whether it be in cuisine, architecture, or a satellite community. LA’s diversity influences much of what makes LA great, including the culinary scene. In LA, not only will you find neighborhoods with delicious, near-authentic foods from different countries, but you will also be rife with choices from every corner of the globe.

LA sits in a desert basin at the base of mountains. Because of this, the city is known for warm days and cool nights. The unique landscape also creates microclimates meaning you can travel from one end of the county to the other and feel as if you have traveled through a desert tundra into a cool, lush rainforest.

The absolute best thing about LA is the tremendous diversity of people from around the world, gathered together in the grace of not just getting along together, but embracing one another as individuals and cultures.

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