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Milan | Dance The Night Away

Milan which is the capital of Northern Italy is known for its fashion, local cuisines and last but not the least the city’s vibrant nightlife. It is a dynamic city which is active whole throughout the day. It is also a major financial hub teemed with multi-cuisine restaurants and bustling shopping malls. Travellers from across the globe frequently visit the place to discover its world-famous attractions. However, Milan nightlife is what attracts the young crowd to the city. Here is a rundown of some of the night hangouts in Milan –

Bar Basso

Ever since its inception in 1947, this historic place was jam-packed with sparkling cocktails and local drinks. If you want to witness Milan nightlife at its best, you must visit Bar Basso. One of the major highlights is the Negroni Sbagliato which is prepared with a combination of sweet vermouth, prosecco and Campari. The guests can choose from a range of more than five hundred drinks such as the Mangia E Bevi.

Monkey Cocktail Bar

One of the best bars in Milan, Monkey Cocktail Bar is opened to the public daily from 05: 30 PM to 01:30 AM. For an optimum drinking experience, visit this bar. Some of the famous drinks available here include cosmopolitan and Mojito at unmatchable rates.

The Doping Club

One of the liveliest Milan nightclubs, the Doping Club is brimmed with a serene and tranquil atmosphere where guests can enjoy sipping on excellent cocktails and witness jaw-dropping live performances. It is tucked away from the heart of the city.

Nottingham Forest Cocktail Bar

Nottingham Forest Cocktail Bar is an excellent spot for a cocktail enthusiast since it is listed under the top fifty cocktail bars around the world. It is a unique bar which serves molecular cocktails.

Nidaba Theatre

It is a family-friendly theatre which serves excellent drinks and crispy snack as well. Each food items are offered at attractive rates. This theatre which is situated far away from the heart of the city is an easy access to the vibrant nightlife and the canal bridges.

Blue Note Milano

Blue Note Milano is an ideal spot to indulge in good music while munching delicious dinner. The overall quality is preserved due to the presence of mellifluous music being played at the background.

Teatro Dal Verme

Giuseppe Pestagalli was the pioneer behind the construction of Teatro Dal Verme. It is the primary venue for organizing plays, live concerts and vibrant music. Furthermore, exhibitions and conference meetings are also held annually.

Pubs in Milan that’ll make your night!

The Friends Pub Milano

Spoil yourself at one of the exclusive Milan clubs named ‘The Friends Pub Milano’. They serve lip-smacking dishes coupled with impeccable customer services. While munching on a piece of Salmon, the guests can watch a live football match displayed on the screen.

La Chiesetta

Even though La Chiesetta is a not bustling pub, it has an excellent atmosphere with awesome music being played in the background. It is an ideal place to unwind with your friends during weekends.

Offside Sports Pub

It is an excellent bar which serves a diverse range of beers as well as lagers. The guests do have the option to reserve a table much in advance for an optimum drinking experience. They even serve decent foods and snacks such as burgers and nachos. Offside Sports Pub is a haven for a sports enthusiast as it screens live sports match on a regular basis.

Hollywood Rythmoteque

Albeit a decadent club, you can book your seats by browsing through the official website of Hollywood Rythmoteque. They even serve free drinks with a twenty Euro entry fee Listen to the cool music in the midst of a peaceful environment.

Tunnel Club Milano

One of the must-visit nightclubs in the city of Milan is the Tunnel Club Milano. It houses a separate section where the guests can listen to awesome non-commercial music. The best time to explore this nightclub is during the evening as the DJ’s rocks.

La Balera Dell’ Ortica

Step forward and dance to the fine tunes of late 50’s and 60’s at La Balera Dell’ Ortica. Check-out their famous dish ‘Arrosticini’ at the Sunday brunch. This place which was previously a railway station later evolved into one of the coolest nightclubs in the city of Milan.

We hope this Milan nightlife guide helps you shortlist the places you want to spend a night at with your buddies. Drink, enjoy delicious food, and dance the night away in Milan.

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