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Milan | Live The Essence of the City

For all those who have a hankering for fashion or should I simply say, fashion aficionados, you are missing out something very special if you haven’t visited Milan yet. Milan, the all-time famous fashion capital of Italy boasts of some of the best fashion houses in the world and the very popular four-yearly fashion shows. Well, this is just for the starters; the city has so much more to offer that you can’t even imagine my friend. We have a long list of things to do in Milan to make the most of your Italy excursion.

Things to do in Milan for a fulfilling vacation

Spend some quality time at Santa Maria delle Grazie church

If you’re wondering what to do in Milan, then paying a visit to Santa Maria delle Grazie is something you’ll remember for years. Although, getting tickets for seeing the Leonardo’s Last Supper could be difficult as they put a strict limitation on the number of people present in the room at one time. It’s a marvelous painting, 4.6 meters high and 8.8 meters wide, made with tempera and oil on a gypsum preparation. It was unique because this technique of painting was not common during the fresco period. I am sure you would love it especially if you are a historian, novelist or a researcher.

Do try aperitivo while in Milan

This practice of relishing drinks with whomever you want to is surely one of the best things to do in Milan and a traveler would love to be a part of it. It’s actually Milan’s local signature dish, but it is more of an amazing dining experience than just a dish. Most of the Italian cities offer it; however, the best ones are only found in Milan. You can find these drinks a bit expensive, but the buffets are free of cost and the overall experience is very soothing. So, do some people watching while enjoying a drink with a buffet-style dinner.

Witness the captivating aura of Museum at La Scala

Hey, opera lovers, here you go! You must have seen various opera shows and performances, but not like this one for sure. Consider yourself lucky if you get a chance to watch this, since it’s one of the most amazing things to do in Milan, Italy. You can dive deeper into the beauty of this museum by walking into one of the theatre boxes, you can also look out over the stage. But remember, this is only possible when there are no shows or practices going on.

Go window shopping in the Quadrilatero d’Oro

Since we know that Milan is the Italian fashion capital, how can we miss out shopping here? But the bad news is, the best shopping experience asks for a big budget or simply unaffordable. Oh, please don’t mourn. Even window shopping is one of the best things to do in Milan. It’s a glamour in itself. It will be an awesome pastime for you guys. However, there is one good news, too. It’s not that you can’t afford anything out there, it’s just hard to find such boutiques or stores that will give you items at affordable rates, but they do exist!

Get revelled in the beauty at the Pinacoteca di Brera

Apart from fashion, Milan has an array of world-class art museums in it. The lovely Pinacoteca di Brera is one among them. This is probably among top things to do in Milan for art lovers. The Italian paintings you will see here are out of the world. After this, you can stroll through the picturesque streets outside the door of this museum. It is awash with a long list of restaurants and cute shops. You can continue with your window shopping from here on, once again, haha.

Crash into one of the peaceful and gorgeous parks on Milan

It’s no surprise if you get exhausted by walking too much, window shopping a lot and shopping a tad. Luckily, Milan has some of the peaceful good-sized parks with extensive green spaces. The traffic noise will still haunt you, but the green environs will act like angels at that time. One of the famous parks in Milan is Parco Sempione, located behind the famous museum Castello Sforzesco. So, nothing to worry; whenever you feel restless due to the heavy noise of the city, just crash into one of these beautiful parks.

Taste a Panzerotto from Luini

This Milanese fast food is one hell of a thing. You might think of it as a doughnut after having one. Instead, it’s a spongy piece of flatbread, which is sweet and is layered with mozzarella and tomato sauce, and deep-fried. My mouth has already started watering. At Luini, it is the perfect fast food to go with. Just at three euros a piece, it’s great food, especially for budget-conscious travellers and visitors. Those looking for the best things to do in Milan are going to love this experience.

Go boating in Milan’s Canals in the lively Navigli

Boating and touring these canals is another thrilling yet peaceful experience in Milan, especially in summers. Navigli has become famous for lately and is drawing many writers and artists to have a look around it. It houses small art galleries, cute shops, and peaceful restaurants. It’s also popular for its nightlife. If you visited it during daylight, you must come again at night when it’s dark.

Appreciate the view of the City from the Duomo Roof

Duomo in Milan is famous as it is the center of tourist activity. Visiting it won’t charge you a single penny. But when you take the elevators to the roof and then witness the view of Milan, it’s totally breath-taking. Spending an hour or two would be enough for you and this is one of those spots you can’t miss. Even if you will have a smoggy view of the city, but it’s anyway beautiful than going all through the city. Right?

Pay a visit to Monumental Cemetery

Don’t feel awkward to visit this cemetery during your Milan trip because once you enter it, you will be enriched by the rich architecture pf it. It has a slew of graves along with amazing ornate obelisks, Greek temples and life-like sculptures, among others. It’s a very popular tourist attraction as it houses awe-inspiring works of art beside the basic tombstones.

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