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Hyderabad | Delve Into The Nightlife

Hyderabad, popularly known as the city of Nawabs, offers some of the best Hyderabadi cuisines one can have in India. Well, what adds to it are the city’s nightlife offerings that you will love to be a part of. Open till the wee hours of the morning, these famous nightclubs and bars will offer experiences you will cherish for a lifetime. Here’s a little guide to nightlife in Hyderabad that’ll let you groove all night long.

Here’s a list of the hippest and happening late night places in Hyderabad where you can chill, party, relax, and groove for hours. Take notes from our list of places to relish the happening nightlife in Hyderabad. The list is a fusion of exceptional places to cherish a happening time in Hyderabad with your loved ones.

Bottles And Chimney: Yummy Snacks

A little place though, but is mostly bombarded with a young crowd and fueled with positive vibes. It also hosts private parties and Thursdays are reserved as Lady’s night. You can also spend private evening time with whomever you want. But in that case, do not forget to carry your own drinks and snacks. Also, this is one of the best Hyderabad’s nightlife places.

10 Downing Street: Breath-taking Interiors

Your nightlife in Hyderabad isn’t complete without a visit to 10 Downing Street. With breath-taking interiors, this place offers amazing martinis and margaritas coupled with a blend of finger-licking Indian and Continental cuisines. All of this, at affordable rates. Saturday nights are brimmed with a rabble of the young crowd surrounded with awesome music and famous DJs as hosts.

Kismet: The Park

It’s not a park, ladies, and gentlemen. Kismet is a happening pub famous for its electrifying ambiance that comes with a tunnel-display entrance. The peppy music, vibrant backgrounds, young crowd, all will take you on a superb partying journey you will never forget. The cheesy fries, mojitos, and Andhra snacks are a must-try. So, delve in and get to know how awesome is your “kismet”. This is one of the most popular places if you wish to have the best experience of nightlife in Hyderabad.

Altitude: Luxurious Settings

It’s an establishment of Marriott Hotels and Convention Centre. So, now you can imagine how non-budget friendly this place is. But to have memorable conversations and special moments of your life set out in the luxurious settings with closed ones, you can come here and dive in. From its rooftop, you will get a stunning view of Hussain Sagar lake. Trust me, it’s amazing. The live fusion music performances are another add-on.

Coco’s Bar and Grill: Wonderful Place

It’s a fabulous rooftop bar that offers wonderful acoustic music in the background. So if you are looking for a peaceful place to chill out, this place is highly recommendable. Good food, dim lights, peaceful music, delectable drinks and snacks, Coco’s Bar and Grill serves all of this in its own special way. It will also give you a resemblance to Goa beaches where you can spend a perfect evening with your friends or family.

H2 The Pub: Splendid Clubbing Experience

It is one of the most sought-after and popular pubs in Hyderabad that offers splendid clubbing experiences to locals and tourists. This pub is also very popular as it invites the best DJs to let people groove along with the beats. If you are in a mood to dance all night, this place is for you; you can carry on the whole night with a large group of friends & experience the Hyderabad nightlife.

Zouk: Exceptional Space

A stupendous spot where you can dance all night on the beats of famous DJs till you drop. It’s a place that will make you feel like a king. The staff services are world-class; you just can’t doubt their offerings. It’s a club in Hyderabad that you must not miss. The uniqueness and class, both make it one of the classiest pubs in the area. So, why are you longing to experience the amazing nightlife in Hyderabad?

Liquids: Lively Ambiance

Another high-end and posh club in Hyderabad, which has the best-in-class services as compared to others. The club is famous for having some of the best and talented musicians in the area who add to the lively ambiance of the place. Although a bit expensive, but a must experiencing club for youngsters who wish to experience Hyderabad nightlife. It also has some of the best chefs who are behind the amazing food and drink offerings for guests, locals, and tourists.

Hyderabad is already famous for its food and culture. But to experience the entertainment and glamour of the city, you must dive deep into the nightlife of Hyderabad through these dazzling pubs and bars.

Amnesia Lounge Bar: Must Try Food

If you’re looking for a cool night roaming place in Hyderabad, the Amnesia Lounge Bar is a good place to drop by. Flaunting a huge dining area, a big dance floor, and oozing fun party vibes, this place sets everyone in the right mood. While the food is decent here, the atmosphere is surely a must-experience. Stop by at this place to relish a great Hyderabad nightlife.

SKYHY: Impeccable Experience

If you have noted down some Hyderabad nightlife tips, make sure you put ‘visit SKYHY on a Friday or Saturday evening for an impeccable experience’ on the top. With a great musical background and an amazing dance floor, this place keeps the party going. What’s more? You can get your hands on some of the best drinks in the city here.

Mustang Terrace Lounge: Relish The Delicacies

A bar in the evening and a nightclub by the night, Mustang is a cool place to hit with your squad for a memorable evening. A perfect place for both foodies and music lovers, Mustang ensures that the night stays young. While the DJ plays some cool electronic music, you can relish Mexican, Italian, and Indian delicacies from the menu.

Over The Moon: Spot Tollywood Celebrities

If you wish to socialize for business purposes or chill with your gang for ultimate fun, this is the place to be. While the prices here are a bit high, the food and luxurious ambiance make up for it. Also, if you drop by post 9 in the evening, you might be able to spot some famous Tollywood celebrities.

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