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Cochin | A Wander through the markets

Kochi is the perfect example of a city on the brink of modernity, yet determined to preserve tradition. This trait is reflected in its shopping culture as the most glamorous malls vie with street shops offering more traditional options.

Lulu Mall

Touted as one of the largest malls in India, you will find everything under the sun at LuLu Mall. From high fashion international brands such as Adidas, Aeropostale and Ajmal to everyday household items, this mall is a one-stop solution for all your shopping needs. The LuLu Hypermarket inside the mall is its biggest attraction, where people from not just all over the city, but across the state visit to buy products ranging from food and household objects to tools and electronics.

Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kochi

A classic high-fashion shopping destination before the onset of malls, MG Road has a slew of standalone stores offering a selection of both local and international brands. Old timers from the city prefer coming here for clothes as it’s renowned for its line of Kerala’s most famous sari brands, such as Seematti and Jayalakshmi.

Jew Town, Fort Kochi

The nerve centre of all things historical, Jew Town in Fort Kochi is the place to be if you want something traditional. Abounding in antique shops and handicrafts, you’ll find plenty of one-of-a-kind gems and other collectibles here. Most people frequent Jew Town for antique furniture, silver jewellery and rare artefacts. It is also favoured among foreigners for its hippie clothing. Prices are mostly on the higher end and the shop owners are not open to bargaining.

Penta Menaka Shopping Complex, Kochi

The electronics hub of Kochi, this is the place to visit to get the best deals on gadgets. From laptops, cameras and mobile phones to their spare parts, the Penta Menaka Shopping Complex is buzzing with electronic stores. Trustworthy dealers of leading brands assure you genuine gizmos at attractive discounts.

Broadway, Kochi

The quintessential street shopping destination of Kochi, Broadway is littered with tiny shops that sell a whole gamut of articles from clothes to kitchen utensils. It is an old favourite among generations of Kochiites, who have been returning to this busy and crowded area for all their household and tailoring needs. It is favoured for its cheap prices.

Oberon Mall, Kochi

One of the oldest malls in Kochi, Oberon has managed to sustain itself as one of the foremost shopping destinations despite the coming of other larger and fancier malls. Though not very capacious, Oberon is a small but compact mall with mostly local brands such as Anarkali, Doc & Mark, Fabindia, etc. It hosts some signature boutiques by local designers and you can find their latest collections here.

Centre Square Mall, Kochi

Another popular mall in the city, Centre Square Mall is favoured for international fashion brands such as Vero Moda, Clarks, The Body Shop and Central, the mall’s flagship store. Not very wide in terms of space, it is voluminous nonetheless with a large number of stores. It is a popular haunt among youngsters and the more fashion conscious.

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