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CapeTown | Enjoyable Shopping Experiences

Shopping in Cape Town is one of the most enjoyable experiences that you can be a part of on your vacation. From large malls to small boutiques, international brands to local artists, there is much to explore in the malls and stalls of South Africa’s most happening town. Head to the Waterfront for the most energetic vibe, and The Old Biscuit Mill for a unique experience.

So, take a look at this list of the best malls, shopping centres, shops, and even streets! Head to the expensive stores, and then to a local one to buy a souvenir. Be a part of a workshop, and experience the true vibe of the city!

Take a look at the best places to shop in Cape Town for treating the shopaholic within you. From malls to an old biscuit mill, there is a lot that the city offers!

V&A Waterfront

Waterfront shopping in Cape Town is one of the best shopping ideas for the vacation. Offering everything from home appliances to fashion, and electronics to souvenirs, this is a one stop shopping areas. Perfect for those on a budget as well as the elite shopping enthusiasts, you must head here during your vacation!

Cape Quarter

One of the popular shopping areas in Cape Town, is Cape Quarter. Unique shopping options like traditional African souvenirs, to leather articles, as well as jewellery and clothes can be found here at the best possible prices. Restaurants as well as spas are in this area, which make for a perfect break between shopping excursions.

Gardens Shopping Centre

Out of all the shopping centres in Cape Town, this one is an exciting blend of food, shopping, and events. More like a community get together, cafes are packed with youngsters, the shops bustling with energy, as the restaurants are wafting out aroma of some delicious food and the street musicians adding to the scene.

Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre

Shopping in Cape Town for tourists will be incomplete without a visit to this store. Set on the waterfront along with a number of other stores, Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre is a collection of the choicest brands, and the most luxurious restaurants. This is a great place to enjoy nightlife and food experience in Cape Town.

Greenmarket Square

Greenmarket Square is a quirky place for shopping in Cape Town, south africa. Built in the late 1600s, it is a historical square that now hosts a number of fun flea markets all year round! While you can find artists showcasing their works here as souvenirs, you may also find vegetable markets and some others here.


With the entire area drastically changed to house some of the best shops of the town, shopping in Cape Town is incomplete without a visit to the Woodstock shopping arena. Buzzing with a contagious energy, it is difficult to resist its charm. This striking neighbourhood in Cape Town features several galleries, vegetarian eateries and hipster cafes. You would also shops with vintage fashion, handicraft and antique furniture.

Cavendish Square

Popular to be the best Cape Town shopping street, Cavendish Square has a variety of fancy things for you to buy. It has more than 180 stores that offer everything from home decor, to traditional goods. And to make your shopping experience even more exciting, the place also features a cinema hall, some coffee shops and a food court.

Canal Walk Shopping Centre

Clothes shopping in Cape Town can best be enjoyed at the Canal Walk Shopping Centre. It is famous for housing international, as well as local apparel brands that offer the most exquisite fashion designs. Built around a canal, this is 1,41,000 square metre big shopping space.

Tyger Valley Shopping Centre

A famous shopping mall in Cape Town, south africa, Tyger Valley Shopping Centre is a happening centre for fashion, food, entertainment, and events! While competitions are a regular event here, there are many gaming centres and food joints where you can enjoy a bite.

The Old Biscuit Mill

The Old Biscuit Mill is probably the most innovative shopping experience that you can be a part of. Often claiming to be the center for best shopping in Cape Town it has farm- fresh food stalls, art workshops, day and night markets, and more! You would find the city’s local art and crafts on regular display, and also there are amazing dining options.

Milnerton Flea Market

A weekend affair of sorts, the Milnerton Flea Market is the best place to go for some bargain shopping in Cape Town. Perfect for the family, as it is open for pets too, you will see many families coming here over the weekend. You would find a variety of toys and other quicky and recylcled decorative products here.

Blue Bird Garage Food and Goods Market

Blue Bird Garage Food and Goods Market takes place on a charming old plane hangar on the edge of the Muizenberg suburb. It brings together local bakers, cooks, butchers, producers and designers at one place. Here they display and sell their products. This lively market gives a Friday-plan to the people in the region.

Access Park Kenilworth

Access Park Kenilworth is a place in Cape Town to shop for factory products. You can buy popular brand apparels at lower rates and if you are good at bargaining, you stand a good chance. You can also buy gadgets and other products at Access Park, including footwear, accessories and more.

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