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Oslo | City With the Charm of Scandinavian Heritage

Nestled on the southern coast of Norway, Oslo is a beautiful and vibrant city that exudes the charm of Scandinavian heritage and culture. Surrounded by mountains and fjords, the city overwhelms nature enthusiasts while its grand museums and palaces make architecture lovers go weak in the knee. Other than the tourist attractions, Oslo also do not lag behind in offering some exciting and cool activities to make your Norwegian holiday perfect and memorable.

From walks and hikes to skiing and cruising in the fjords, there are many things to do in Oslo, that will not only spoil you with choices and but also promise you a holiday of a lifetime.

Have fun at TusenFryd Amusement Park

Let’s start with fun and excitement. One of the most exhilarating things to do in Oslo is spending a full day TusenFryd Amusement Park. This sprawling fun zone is known for fun rides and water park amusements. Those who have a brave heart can try Spin Spider, Speed Monster and Night Mare while if you are not so daring and wish to enjoy leisure time, go for Den aller minste, Ballongferden and Sommerfuglene. You can also enjoy the Burnt Out Stunt Show or indulge in delectable local food at the stalls, located inside the amusement park.

Go cruising in Oslo Fjord to explore the jaw-dropping vistas

There is no way you can skip cruising in the inland waterways up to the spectacular fjords and admire its surreal beauty. There are many tour operators who organize such cruise excursions in speedboats, charter boats, rafts and grand yachts. Undoubtedly, this is the best things to do in Oslo in winter, where one not only admires the beauty of the surrounding but also indulge in fishing trips, diving, firewood sauna and ice baths. Isn’t, one of the best things to do in Oslo? Surely it is!

Take the city tour to witness the art of bygone days

One of the most popular things to do in Oslo Norway is visiting the grand museums and monuments of the city. From the Natural History Museum, Viking Ship Museum to City Hall, Royal Palace, and National Gallery; every monument exudes Nordic history, heritage and culture to a large extent. From art masterpieces of renowned artists, museums of regal objects in Royal Palace, there is nothing that will give you a dull moment during this sightseeing expedition.

Go on Nordic food walk

This is a guided walk of approximately 4 hours that promise you an excellent opportunity to explore and taste the local culinary masterpieces. With an epicurean expert leading the trail, visit the gastronome hotspots of Oslo, relish the staple foods and local specialties like Norwegian cheese, honey, berries and aquavit sausages. Pamper your taste buds while your guide takes you through a fascinating culinary tour. If you are in Oslo Norway; things to do here should not be a thing to worry with marvelous and exciting Nordic Food walk.

Watch a fantastic opera show at Oslo Opera House

Oslo Opera House is the home to Norwegian National Opera and Ballet and the national opera theatre. This is the largest performing art institution in Norway. Watching an artistic performance, with Norwegian music and dance forms is surely worth in every aspect. Moreover, the Opera House is located right at the harbor, offering breath-taking views of the surrounding. Admiring this surreal beauty from the angled exterior edifice is one of the free things to do in Oslo.

Feel the thrill by zip lining in Holmenkollen Ski Museum

Holmenkollen, founded in 1922, is the oldest ski museum in the World. Located under the reputed Ski Jump tower, this museum displays 4000 years of skiing history, right from the stone age. The museum also organizes the exhibition on snowboarding. But the interesting part is, the museum also offers many renowned exciting adventure sports and hence allure adventure buffs from different parts of the world. One can ascend up to the top of Ski Jump tower, enjoy the terrific views of Oslo city and sweep down through zip lining. This is one of the extremely thrilling things to do in Oslo in October or before.

Chill out at Aker Brygge Pier & Boardwalk

Much famed as a cultural hub of Oslo, Aker Brygge Pier & Boardwalk is full of restaurants, cafes and shopping arcades, hence remain to buzz with tourists, round the year. After a tiring city tour or a half day cruise, one may explore this vibrant part of the city, relax in one of the eateries and indulge in hearty retail therapy. With the dazzling backdrop of the port and waterway, enjoying sunset views and chilling out in Aker Brygge Pier & Boardwalk is one of the things to do in Oslo at night.

Try ice skating in Sognsvann Lake

The city of Oslo never stops offering you amazing experiences and this is surely one of them. Sognsvann Lake is a sparkling lake, located north of Oslo. Much famed for day picnics, camping, and swimming, this lake remains frozen during winter months and offers amazing ground for ice skating for all. So, if you love snow adventure, this is certainly one of the top 10 things to do in Oslo in winter.

Go hiking amid the woods all the way to Nordmarka

If you are a hardcore adventure enthusiast and still confused about what to do in Oslo, to satiate your thrill-loving soul; hiking at Nordmarka is the best option for you. Nordmarka is the forested part of Oslo and famous for hiking. Along with hiking, camping in one of the cabins offered by The Norwegian Trekking Association is one of the most romantic things to do in Oslo. Hiking through deep forests and Kobberhaughytta lake is not only a soul-stirring experience but takes your Norwegian vacation to a different level.

Take part in beer tasting sessions organised by Beer Academy

It will be a major miss if you don’t include beer testing sessions in your list of best things to do in Oslo Norway. Organised by Beer Academy, this 60-90 minutes’ walk and tasting experience is nothing less than magical and fulfilling. Exploring breweries knowing their history and processing method and tasting exotic of craft beers not only enlightens your knowledge but also enriches your travel memories.

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