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Oslo | The Thriving Nightlife of City

Oslo nightlife thrives and resounds till the wee hours of the morning, but for those looking to warm-up and ease into the night, these bars are ideal. Ideal for mingling over drinks and maybe even some light finger food, they offer the perfect way to wind down after a long day. Whether you’re looking for something sophisticated like a stylish champagne bar, want to bip-bop along to some live jazz, enjoy a classic Oslo experience at a plush, dimly-lit lounge, or prefer something more laidback and casual along the lines of a tropical tiki bar—there’s nothing Oslo can’t offer you.


Known colloquially as “the roof of Oslo”, Stratos is a top floor bar with incredible views of the city. For most of the year it’s a private hire venue, but in summer it’s open to the public.

Schouskjelleren Mikrobryggeri

Word to the wise: It can be difficult to get a table, especially at weekends. If you prefer to savour your beer in peace, visit on a weekday afternoon.

Beer aficionados mustn’t leave Oslo without visiting Schouskjelleren, home to the city’s biggest selection of draught beers, many of which are made on the premises. Its cavernous vaulted cellar is modelled on a classic German beer hall: long tables, copper beer kettles and a roaring fire, which on cold days makes it difficult to leave. If you don’t know your Porters from your IPAs, let the knowledgeable staff guide you.


Housed in the headquarters of Norway’s Labor Party, the appropriately named Internasjonalen has become one of Oslo’s most popular bars since it opened in 2003. The interior is dominated by shades of red – what else? – and designed in a functionalist style, supposedly reminiscent of communist Eastern Europe. The rare spirits and classic cocktails served at the sprawling bar may not be authentically Soviet, but nothing’s too good for the workers.

Fisk og vilt

A relatively new addition to the Oslo bar scene, Fisk og vilt has quickly become a popular haunt for the hip, young 20-somethings that usually hang out in Grünerløkka.


The clue is in the name: Champagneria offers a huge selection of sparkling wines, from vintage Champagnes and Cavas to lesser-known varieties from both New and Old World vineyards. It’s not all about the grape though – there’s a decent range of beers and non-alcoholic drinks too.

Champagneria’s two floors and, in summer, outdoor areas are packed with smart-but-stylish revellers most nights of the week. An excellent menu of tapas dishes complements the wine perfectly.

Aku-Aku Tiki Bar

With Hawaiian hula twinkling from the jukebox and surfboards hanging from the ceiling, this Polynesian-themed bar brings a touch of tropical warmth to chilly Oslo.

Bare Jazz Bare Jazz is a unique concept: a café, bar, record store and live music venue dedicated to jazz and related genres. Jazz fans will be in their element, but the friendly atmosphere and laid-back vibe mean Bare Jazz has a much broader appeal. The decor is homely – bare brickwork, low lighting, photographs of jazz legends – and the tranquil backyard is a great spot for escaping the summer crowds. Bare Jazz is at its most buzzing when the

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