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Frankfurt | Life in the Commercial Center

Frankfurt prides itself in being the largest city in the German state of Hesse and also one of the largest financial centers in Europe.

 Famous for its breathtaking skyline along the river Main, Frankfurt is also one of the most international cities in Germany and attracts many people in search of high salaries and career advancement. The city is charming and brimming with history and culture, complete with sought-after shopping outlets, impressive museums, interesting historic sites and world class opera theatres to enjoy.

 Frankfurt offers working professionals an attractive work-life balance- employees can expect to receive 30 days annual leaves every year. This allows people to not only discover nearby towns and cities, but also the chance to travel to neighboring countries, given that Frankfurt has excellent rail connections and one of the busiest airports of Europe.

One is always spoilt for choice when it comes to dining out in Frankfurt. The restaurant scene reflects the city’s multicultural nature. Like many cities in the world, eating out can be expensive so it is essential to know where to look if budget is a concern.

The Fressgasse pedestrian street is the place for traditional German food, while the Westend and Nordend boast a great range of stylish and upmarket restaurants. For those who seek more of a café or pub atmosphere, Berger Strasse in Bornheim is both brimming with options.

Despite the city’s financial reputation, the nightlife in Frankfurt is not dominated by swanky hotel bars and upmarket restaurant establishments. Indeed, the city’s nightlife scene is incredibly diverse, boasting every kind of entertainment imaginable, from casinos, bars and cocktail lounges to live music venues and dance clubs. Jazz clubs are particularly popular in Frankfurt and there are numerous performances taking place across the city. Much of the city’s nightlife is centered in the north of the city in Fressgasse, Zeil and Romerberg while Sachsenhausen is a good place to find Latin, irish and local joints.

Frankfurt’s main shopping street is Zeil. Here, shoppers will find their regular high-street stores such as H&M, Zara and Promod, as well as department stores such as MyZeil, Galeria, Karstadt and Parfumerie Douglas. The Apfelwein district in Sachsenhausen is the place to find traditional German buys, while Goethe Strasse sells top end designer goods and is packed with jewelry stores. Schweizer Strasse has beautiful boutiques and independent stores aimed at a trendier clientele.

Frankfurt is Germany’s most green urban cities and as such it offers a wide variety of outdoor pursuits for residents to get involved in. The city is cyclist friendly, with plenty of urban bike paths, in addition to mountain trails. There is also no charge for taking bicycles on board public transport.

More than 50 parks and green spaces grace the city, most of which are suitable for walkers and runners. Some parks in the city even have designated areas for roller-skating, ping-pong, football and basketball. People who enjoy water-based activities will be pleased to know that Frankfurt is home to a number of water parks, large indoor swimming pools and open-air pools, which are extremely popular during the summer months.

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