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Beijing | Popular Shopping Areas

Shopping is an indispensable part of a tour of Beijing. With the unending array of newly-founded shopping malls, plazas, shopping centers, and shopping streets sprouting up in Beijing, shopping in Beijing has become most convenient. Commodities covering every field imaginable can be found in Beijing.

Wangfujing Shopping Street

Location: about 15 minutes’ walk east from Tian’anman Square

Wangfujing Shopping Street is one of the most ancient and famous shopping streets in Beijing, where many large shopping malls are located, like Beijing Department Store. Book stores, a classic photography studio, and Beijing snack shops are also on Wangfujing Shopping Street.

Commodities are various and comprehensively stocked. Fulfill your wildest shoppings dream in Beijing. Some characteristic shops selling Beijing traditional curios are very popular not only among the local people, but also beloved by foreign travelers, such as the Peking Clothes and Shoes Shop.

Restaurants and a snack street can satisfy a craving. Wangfujing Snack Street is world-famous for its authentic Beijing snacks and food. The prices there are acceptable. You can find cafés in the shopping malls, like Starbucks.

Qianmen Street

Location: about 10 minutes’ walk from Tian’anmen Square, near the Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao

Also located near Tian’anmen Square, Qianmen Street can be reached easily. You can go there at night after a tour of the Forbidden City and Tian’anmen Square, because it looks more wonderful under the lights and quiet atmosphere.

Stepping on this street you will see ancient-style buildings housing modern shops. An old-style Chinese tram runs on the street, between the vintage lights. Qianmen Street is indeed different from other shopping streets in Beijing.

There aren’t any large shopping malls there, but scores of little shops. Clothes, shoes, Beijing traditional food, and other old-brand shops are the highlights. Quanjude Peking Roast Duck Restaurant is located there, which is busy almost every day.

Beside the street, two little lanes called Xianyukou & Dazhalan are two typical Beijing snack streets. Stir-fried liver, boiled lamb tripe, sugarcoated haws, and other authentic snacks can be tasted there.

Xidan Commercial Street

Location: about one hour’s walk west from Tian’anmen Square

Called “the second Wangfujing of Beijing”, Xidan Commercial Street is similar to Wangfujing Shopping Street, where you can go on a crazy shopping spree in the large shopping malls.

Food markets, clothes stores covering many world-famous brands, and other commodities cater to customer demands.

Shopping, dining, entertainment, and culture are well combined there, with many little restaurants, snacks shops, and Beijing Capital Cinema. The buildings on this street are modern in design, and look fabulous at night.

Sanlitun Village

Location: east Chaoyang District

Where to enjoy a contemporary night out in Beijing? Sanlitun Village is your first choice without a doubt. The children of the 80s and 90s gather there, holding activities and celebrating festivals. The buildings there are more a-la-mode than in other places in Beijing, with many youth brand clothes shops.

Sanlitun Village turns into a reveler’s dreamworld at night. After shopping in the malls, enjoying drinks and the night in the bars on Sanlitun Bar Street isfirst-rate . Don’t worry if you leave late. Taxis are available all night.

The Nanluogu Lane and Drum Tower Area

The streets around Nanluogu Lane and the Drum Tower are old, with many ancient-style Chinese buildings. Authentic Beijing snacks in the traditional food shops are the highlights around the Drum Tower.

Lovely and characteristic Chinese trinkets can be found in Nanluogu Lane. It is about 800 meters long, with many cute shops. Strolling in this hutong, and bargaining with the vendors are very interesting.

Nanluogu Lane is located beside Houhai Bar Street, which is another paradise for young people enjoying the night in bars.

The Place

Location: Beijing CBD, Chaoyang District

The Place is one of the top landmark buildings in Beijing, located in Beijing’s CBD. The LED screen on the roof is the biggest highlight of the Place. You can send messages, which will appear on the screen. Restaurants serving Chinese and Western buffets, book stores, and clothes shops are luxurious and elegant.

China Highlights suggests you take a trip there at night, when the buildings looks more fabulous. If you want to search for superior commodities and have a great feast of exquisite food go to the Place!

Xiushui Street

Once a popular pedestrian street in Beijing, Xiushui Street has now been developed into a large shopping mall. Many booths in the mall sell all kinds of things, including clothes, bags, food, and other trifles. Almost every booth owner can speak English, so customers can bargain with them.

Jiamao Shopping Center at Xizhimen

Location: Xicheng District

Viewing this shopping center from afar, you may wonder what the function of this unique building, comprised of three ovals, is. It is a large-scale comprehensive shopping center, with very convenient transport (buses and subway).

It combines entertainment, leisure, and supermarkets, playgrounds for children, and Chinese and Western restaurants, providing a complete shopping and dining experience.

It is located near Beijing Zoo, so you can go shopping after visiting the animals in the zoo. Many famous brands of clothes and other commodities are popular there.

Solana International Commercial Area

Location: Chaoyang District

Stepping into this little shopping town, you may be touched by the warm and romantic atmosphere created by the European-style buildings and colorful lights at night. This modern international shopping area is located in Chaoyang Park, where the landscaped scenery is attractive and charming.

Life Style Shopping Park has been well laid out by Solana International Commercial Area. Escape the crowds and enjoy shopping in this lovely town. It is great to have a cup of coffee with friends or family on the balcony of a café, breathing in the fresh air, and enjoying the sunshine.

The recreational facilities nearby provide a fun distraction for children.

Panjiayuan Antique Market

If you are interested in Chinese history and art, and have a desire to discover something special apart from the ordinary commodities, Panjiayuan Antiques Market can make you satisfied.

It is a large-scale market selling every type of Chinese antiques, such as teapot and cup sets made of Chinese porcelain, calligraphy and painting works by famous ancient artists, Four Treasures of the Study, and Buddha statues.

Bargaining in Panjiayuan Antiques Market is allowed and definitely recommended. If you have experience in selecting antiques, you may reap a great harvest.

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