Mumbai | Shopper’s Dreamplace

 Mumbai | Shopper’s Dreamplace

With a number of street markets offering the latest trends, Mumbai is a shopper’s dream. Every corner offers something new and while you’ll find the best markets in South Mumbai, the suburbs and Navi Mumbai also have great shopping options for the bargain hunter in you. Here you will find the best in fashion, accessories, electronics and home décor all at a much lower price, so make sure to polish your bargain skills before heading out.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect saree for an upcoming wedding, stylish shoes or even a computer, the street shopping markets in Mumbai offer it all. Take a look at the list below to find out which street market you should visit.

Linking Road

This Bandra shopping spot is one the best places you can visit for a large variety of fashion items. The stalls here offer everything from shoes to Indian clothes to bags and even jewellery. There are multiple stores so it’s suggested that you spend some time here browsing and bargaining.

And if you’re up for it, you can also do some window shopping of high-end brands during your visit here. There are also a number of fast food eateries you can stop by to refuel before you hit the street shops again. It can get really crowded on the weekend so we recommend you head there during the week.

Hill Road

The ultimate street shopping destination, Hill Road sees a large number of visitors from around the city as well as tourists looking for the best deals on clothes and shoes. Here you will find the latest trends at reasonable prices. From shoes (a must see is La Judi) to lingerie and a number of jewellery stalls to dresses, you will find everything in this 2-kilometre stretch.

There are also a number of places offering clothes for men and children at affordable prices. You’ll find you get the most variety on weekends and bargaining is a must.

Colaba Causeway

This bustling area is filled with colour, fashion and fun! A popular tourist spot, Colaba Causeway can get pretty packed from the afternoon onward, so try to head there early. They have a large number of street shops where you can get everything from shirts and dresses to shoes and accessories.

You can bargain at all the stalls here to make sure you get the best deals. Apart from the road stalls, there are also some high end brands available here and you could even visit Regal Cinema to catch a movie. One of the best shopping markets in Mumbai.

Fashion Street

The name says it all. This popular road in Mumbai is famous for its stylish offerings are super reasonable prices. It is really popular with college-goers in the city and you will usually find this street bustling with teens from the nearby colleges.

While the branded goods on offer here are first copy (look out for the misspelled brand names), you will find that the quality is actually pretty good. However, since Fashion Street offers a lot of export surplus, make sure you check the garment properly for any defects before purchasing it.

Natraj Market

What Linking Road is to Bandra, Natraj Market is to Malad. This popular shopping hub is a favourite shopping destination for locals. It offers a range of apparel including dresses, shoes, formalwear and a good selection of bags.

It also has a number of bridal stores that stock a good selection of wedding apparel and accessories. Apart from the stores here, you must check the eateries that offer everything from fast food and fresh juices to hearty meals.

Kalamboli market

The best of street shopping is not limited to South Mumbai. Navi Mumbai also has a few good shopping destinations, and one that is the most frequented is Kalamboli market.

From apparels to accessories, this market is reasonably priced and very popular among college students as well. It offers a good range of options for men and women.

Hindmata Market

Also known as Dadar’s saree market, this is the place to check out if you’re interested in Indian fabrics and designs. Here you will find sarees, salwars, suits, lehengas and sherwanis, at wholesale rate.

There are also a number of fabric stores to check out that offer materials at really good prices. Bargaining is acceptable in most of the shops, so do make sure to try to get the best bargain. It gets pretty packed on the weekend, so we recommend you head here during the week so you can browse in peace.

Lokhandwala Market

If you’re looking for the latest styles at budget friendly prices, this lively market is a must visit. Here you get everything from good quality footwear and apparels to household items and mobile phone accessories.

Their men’s collection of clothes is also large. There are also a number of eating joints, including a McDonald’s, which you can stop by for refreshments. It can get crowded in the evening so try to head there earlier.

Crawford Market

If you’re looking for wholesale goods, this market is the best place to check out. Although it is most popular for its fruits, veggies and groceries at reasonable prices, this lively market also has a lot to offer shoppers.

From suitcases and bags to makeup and toys, the items you get here are a real bargain. Apart from shopping you can also admire the architecture here as the building (which has recently gotten a makeover) channels colonial times.

Chor Bazaar

The name roughly translates into Market of Thieves and was earlier used by thieves to sell off stolen goods. One of Mumbai’s busiest markets, it now sells reasonably priced vintage items, antiques and first copy products.

This is the place to go to for one-of-a-kind finds.  From bronze items, books, posters to second hand automobile parts, every corner offers a surprise. But make sure you use the best of your bargaining skills here as the vendors can be quite convincing.

Urban Haat

While this may not be a typical street market, this relaxed market offers you a good shopping experience. They have a number of home décor, antiques and arts on offer from all across the country.

Their bamboo craft and stone art is particularly worth checking out. It is also a popular spot for tourists who want to experience Indian culture.

Lamington Road

If you’re looking for electronic goods this is the place to be. Here you can find phones, mobile accessories, computers and parts and camera equipment. These shops sell the goods for much lower than market value.

You can also find less common items such as transistors, cables, radio equipment, sound cards and adapters. Most of the vendors will give you a discount, so make sure to bargain and browse around to find a deal that suits you.

Zaveri Bazaar

If you’re looking for all things that glitter, then take a walk down this road. Even if you don’t plan on buying anything, it is a must-see area as Zaveri Bazaar is the hub for jewellery.

From gold to silver and platinum to gems, the stores dotting these streets offer it all. But, you will also find a number of other items available here such as antiques, toys dinnerware and furniture.

Whether you’re looking for the trendiest clothes, funkiest shoes or even a camera lens, the street markets of Mumbai have what’re you’re looking for. Make sure to bargain at the markets to ensure you get the best deals. Happy shopping!

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