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Mumbai | The City of Entertainment

Mumbai boasts a good variety of leisure and lifestyle activities to entertain just about anyone’s idea of a good time. From restaurants that showcase the country’s regional cuisines, to bustling marketplaces and annual events, there’s a surprisingly large selection of nightlife and entertainment venues to take advantage of.

Mumbai’s social scene is deceptively big and lively parties can be found on most days of the week. With the Bollywood scene based in and around the city, don’t be surprised to see local film stars at one of its trendy nightclubs and bars.

For a roaring night out in the town, people can opt for a cocktail on any of the many rooftop bars that overlook the Arabian Sea or an evening stroll on the bustling Colaba Causeway. They can enjoy the delights of the city’s dance clubs in Churchgate or Juhu, and a craft beer or a sophisticated glass of wine in the chic and stylish Bandra area- where looking good and being seen is all in a day’s work.

Mumbai is a shopaholic’s dream come true. With everything from quaint little markets to shopping malls and haute couture around almost every corner, Mumbai is a great place to spend a lot of time and, if residents aren’t careful, a lot of money. While the cost of living in Mumbai can seem on the pricier side of things, there are always bargains to be scored.

For clothing, M Gandhi Road is the place to start and local department stores are good bets too. The markets are the place to exercise haggling skills, so visit the Chor Bazaar flea market to pick up jewellery and other trinkets before heading to Mahatma Jyotibha Phule Mandai to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables.

For those who prefer one-stop-shop rather than the experience of sifting through stalls, there are plenty of excellent malls throughout Mumbai where hypermarkets are plentiful.

From Tandoori and Punjabi to Gujarati and Mughlai cuisine, India’s scrumptious spectrum is well represented, and it’s pleasing to know that favorites like butter chicken and chicken tikka masala regularly feature on restaurant menus. And although, its traditional cuisine is popular with Westerners, there are also many restaurants in Mumbai specializing in Eastern and European cuisine.

Cricket is one of Mumbai’s most popular sports, and one can try their hand at playing the game or can watch an exciting match at one of city’s premier and international cricket grounds, including Brabourne Stadium and Wankhede Stadium. There are gyms, clubs and groups where tennis, badminton and golf including a wide range of other sports can be played.

People are unlikely to feel stuck in their daily routine living in Mumbai with all the outdoor activities on offer. One of the best ways to see the city is from a bird’s-eye view and new arrivals can look into the helicopter – and hot air balloon rides to offer.

As a coastal city that is also close to a few rivers, Mumbai affords a multitude of water sports and activities from sailing or rafting or kayaking to snorkelling and scuba diving, while adventure parks such as Esselworld make for great outings for the whole family.

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