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Basel | Fun Swiss Nightlife

As the third largest city in Switzerland, Basel offers plenty of entertainment options for travelers who are very much awake at night. When you are in Basel, experience the night life and see how much fun you can have. We have compiled a list of the best things to do in Basel at night.

Cocktails Bar Lemons

Open from 5pm to 1am daily (except on holidays), Bar Rouge is the place for those who want to have the best view of pretty Basel from above and enjoy a wide selection of drinks. Intimate and chic, Bar Rouge is the tallest bar in Basel as it is located 105 meters (344 feet) above ground. DJ nights are available regularly to keep guests entertained. Serving great champagnes and cocktails, the bar is enviably one of the hottest bars in the city.

 Love opera, drama and ballet performances? Head to Theater Basel

Theater Basel

Theater Basel enjoys its reputation as the most important and largest theater in Switzerland, which makes the theater a must-visit venue in Basel. Established in 1834, Theater Basel hosts world-class opera, drama and ballet performances. Entering the building, you will be amazed at how fabulous the stages of the theater are. There are three magnificent stages in total and visitors are offered a superb selection of programs. Whether you are into classical operas, contemporary dramas or modern musical performances, the theater has it all. If you prefer culture to clubbing, then Theater Basel is an excellent place for you.

3. Get some jazz at Bird’s Eye Jazz Club

Jazz Music Instrument

The Bird’s Eye Jazz Club is arguably one of the best jazz clubs that Switzerland has ever had. The jazz club attracts a lot of local and international jazz performers. If you are a big fan of jazz music or just happen to be in the mood of listening to some jazz, you should head to the Bird’s Eye Jazz Club and watch the cool live shows.

4. Enjoy live music performance at Stadtcasino Basel

Hans Huber-Saal Stadtcasino Basel 2014 01

The best live music performances are held at Stadtcasino Basel, which is also known as the Basel City Casino. The music hall of Stadtcasino Basel is home to the Basel Symphony Orchestra. Arguably the most renowned concert hall in the city and one the best in the whole world, only first-class music performances are presented to guests. As soon as you step foot in the concert hall, you can feel its noble and dignified ambiance. You need to witness the splendid acoustics here. The concert hall of Stadtcasino Basel is really massive and it can accommodate up to 1,500 people. The Stadtcasino Basel is a perfect place for a perfect night.

5. Sip more than 200 cocktails at Cafe des Arts

Ideally located in the beautiful old town of Basel, Cafe des Arts serves two functions. The venue is a nice cafe during daytime and at night, it becomes one of the most awesome places in Basel. Open from Monday to Saturday (operating hours may be varied), the stylish Cafe des Arts is going to let you embrace the fascinating journey into the world of classic cocktails, as there are more than 200 cocktails in this bar, which is beautifully adorned with cool images and paintings. The bar has an open-air area; a really good place for you if you want to feel the fresh air of Basel at night. In addition to drinks, guests can also enjoy live piano sessions and jazz performances.

6. Drink and make some new friends at SUD Basel

Apéro Tapas Food

SUD Basel used to be a brewery building. The former brewery has been transformed into a really cool venue in the city, and today you can have great fun at SUD Basel. The spacious building holds various events, such as music performances, operas and DJ nights because it serves not only as a bar but also a cultural center and music venue. For party goers, the best time to come is, of course, when the place becomes a bar. You can enjoy cocktails, tapas, and make some new friends at the SUD Basel. You can check their website for further information about events.

7. Dance till you drop at Vice Club Basel

Night Club Dancing

Vice Club Basel is a really great place for those who love partying, dancing, drinking and mingling with the crowd. Visiting the Vice Club Basel, you can expect to hear loud dance music as well as hip hop and RnB, the kinds of music that will keep you dancing. Special guests are also invited occasionally to give their best performances here. Please note that the Vice Club Basel is open only on Fridays and Saturdays from 11pm to 6am, the perfect time for you to have fun and dance until you drop.

Chill after sundown in Basel

The best thing to do after spending the whole day exploring the pretty city of Basel is to chill either in a bar, a night club or a theater. Depending on how many days you are going to spend in Basel, it is best to visit one place per night. But if you are going to be in Basel for only a few days, just choose the places that interest you the most. It is a must that you make the most of your nights in Basel.

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