Moscow | Spruce up the Evenings

 Moscow | Spruce up the Evenings

When you’re feeling nocturnal, or that jet-lag has seemed to kick in, you’re bound to be restless. So why not go out for a stroll around Russia’s capital city? Or even better, plan a night out until sunrise? Moscow is more alive at night than in the day. From marveling at the greatest landmarks that are illuminated with a spectrum of colors, to experiencing the thriving nightlife, Moscow will surely make your night unforgettable.

Walk through the Red Square

If the best things in life are truly liberating, then you’ll enjoy a free night stroll through the Red Square, or better known as ‘Krasnaya Ploshad’ to the locals. Many official ceremonies and parades were held in this historic city square. It includes famous landmarks such as the Kremlin, Lenin’s Mausoleum, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and the renowned department shopping centre, GUM. Although visiting the Red Square in the daytime is great, you’ll find that the experience at night is completely different. You’ll see that these landmarks and buildings are so lucent, as the night lights touch their structures. Look upon St Basil’s Cathedral as an exquisite spectrum, and stand by GUM as if you’re part of a fairytale.

Catch a show or any art performances at Bolshoi Theatre

Although it was under reconstruction between 2005 until 2011, the Bolshoi Theatre continues to be a symbolic space that upholds Russia’s performing arts scene. In 1856, Bolshoi Theatre was reopened on the same day as the coronation day of the Tsar Alexander II, and held premieres of renowned ballet performances such as Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, the Nutcracker, Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet and Adam’s Giselle. It is also a home to the classic Russian opera and orchestral music performances.

As most of the shows are held during the evenings, you cannot miss an opportunity to admire the theatre’s sheer grandeur through its neoclassical architecture, outstanding performances of ballerinas and opera singers, and the massive scale and creativity of its productions.

Experience the elite’s nightlife at SOHO Rooms

Wonder how some of Moscow’s elite spend their night out? Then delve into the glitz and glamour at an upscale nightclub called SOHO Rooms. Located at an embankment outside the city centre, dropping by SOHO Rooms is a good opportunity to escape from the bustling city. It features a multi-floor space with a restaurant, bar, and disco room, which has one of the best cutting edge sound and light systems. Although the dress code is casual (except sports shoes and wear), most of the attendees there are dressed to the nines for a great reason – the bouncers are your ticket inside, so all you need is to glam up, pass off as one of Moscow’s important elites, and get past face control.

Immerse yourself in the electric dance music scene at Krysha Mira

You’ll feel on top of the world when you soak in the invigorating atmosphere of Krysha Mira, or ‘Roof of the World’ in English. It is home to one of the best local electronic music scenes in Moscow, and it offers a great bird’s eye view of the city and river. The club is closed on Fridays, Sundays and Mondays. But go wild on Saturdays, as Krysha Mira is open from 12am until 8am.

Take photographs of Gorky Park

If clubbing isn’t your scene, then you can enjoy a quiet and long stroll around Gorky Park. During the evenings, when there are no open concerts, festivals or fun fairs, the atmosphere in Gorky Park is tranquil and dazzling. If you feel adventurous, search for the arch of the park’s main entrance – you’ll find an observation deck on top of its roof. It is also near Gorky Park Museum.

Learn creepy myths of Moscow on a night tour (from 31.94 USD)

In every city, lies spooky legends and spine-tingling myths. Moscow has numerous, enchanting tales about the supernatural and famous criminal activities of the 19th-century, and this tour itinerary is perfect. The tour guide is informative, and he will take you to several, unconventional places such as Chistye Prudy, Kitay Gorod and Khitrovka. You will also go through on the infamous tram route called Annushka, which used to be a restaurant on rails that goes through major parts of the city.

Watch local, live band performances at Kitaiskiy Letchik Jao-Da

If you’d like a relaxing vibe and good music, then visit Kitaiskiy Letchik Jao-Da, a live music restaurant that has been around for over 10 years. Visitors have raved about its affordability and chilled atmosphere. It hosts different kinds of music ranging from British punk rock to reggae.

Kitaiskiy Letchik Jao-Da

Address: Lubyanskiy pr-d, 25, str.1, Moskva, Russia, 101000

Visit the renowned Tchaikovsky Concert Hall or Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory

Some of the famous, greatest classical and Romantic music composers such as the “Mighty Five” and Peter Tchaikovsky hailed from this great nation. Russians of today still continued a great tradition of bringing out the most refined musical performances of pieces by these composers. Whether it’s the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall or Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory’s stage, listening and watching any of the performance is a once in a lifetime experience.

Drink and see the city from above at City Space Bar & Restaurant

If you’re taking a breather from strolling around the city, head up to City Space Bar & Restaurant to admire Moscow’s city layout. It is situated on the 34th floor of Swissotel Krasnye Holmy Moscow, and offers a 360-degree view of the city. People have acclaimed its delicious signature cocktails and Japanese cuisine.

Drink liquor from weirdly-shaped glasses at Kot Shredingera

If you still think that the night is still young, then discover an unusual yet zestful bar called Kot Shredingera. The bar used to be a bomb shelter, which is hidden in the basement of the house on Bolshaya Dmitrovka. People have raved about its unconventional concepts of serving cocktails. The range of colors and serving cups are so unusual and contrasting. And yet each drink has its own unique taste. If you are not afraid of experimentation and are looking for new impressions, then this bar is definitely for you!

Stay up until sunrise in Russia’s dazzling capital city

Moscow in the daylight is certainly beautiful. But as night falls, Moscovites and adventurous tourists are seeking pleasure at this enchanting city. So don’t lock yourself up in your room. Go out and discover what Moscow has to offer to fulfill your desires.

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