Shanghai | The Happening Nightlife

 Shanghai | The Happening Nightlife

As years go by, Shanghai was able to pull a lot of tourists visiting the city and that’s all because of all the touristy attractions found in the city and the Shanghai nightlife events as well. Thus, if you are the person who loves to spend the night partying rather than going to sleep then Shanghai is the best place for you.

There are actually a lot of clubs and bars found in Shanghai that every party goer must visit and with the list here, it sure will make your club and bar hunting in Shanghai a much easier one.

There are actually a few distinctions for the clubs and bars in Shanghai depending on how you classify them and here are three kinds of bars and clubs in Shanghai namely Mainstream clubs, Underground clubs and the Bund clubs.

Monkey Champagne

Have you been looking for a club in Shanghai where it seems that you are in a club in America? Monkey Champagne that can be found in Donghu Road, Shanghai do have their America-style club where you can find around 200 locals and foreigners having fun with the clubs in Shanghai.

Since the place has a ‘champagne’ on its name, you’d surely expect for a great champagne inside the club and they also have their whiskey and other drinks which is by the way a bit expensive compared to other clubs in Shanghai. The DJs here in Monkey Champagne loves to play top 40s hip hop music thus expect a lot of these when in the club.

M2 Club

M2 is a well-known place in Shanghai nightlife where you won’t just find a club but a mega club. The mega club is located at Huai Hai Zhong Lu, Shanghai. Since the place the huge, you can definitely enjoy their dance floor along with your co-party goers all night long.

Here in M2, their music is usually trance and EDM while for those who love hip hop music, you can visit the mega club during Wednesdays. They also have their DJs which are often guesting in the mega club giving the crowd more reasons to have a fun and exciting night in Beijing nightlife.

The mega club usually closes at 3am to 4am during weekdays but when it’s a weekend night, they could go late for up to 5am. If you wanted to have a drink here in M2, you can have it with 50rmb but they also have their tables where you can have a few beers for free when availing one of their tables.


Have you been looking for some clubs in Shanghai where you can party till the sun rises? Well, here in Lola, they close at around 7am thus giving you more time to have fun. The place is actually a lounge but as it goes darker, the lounge transforms into a nightclub.

Lola by the way is located at Yongjia Road and is open from Wednesday until Saturday and just with some other clubs in Shanghai, Lola too has its best DJs that is indeed one of the reasons why Lola has a great crowd every night with their house music but sometimes with a bit of techno or disco music.

A beer here in Lola tends to be pricier compared to M2 with 60rmb a bottle but you may also try some of their drinks such as their cocktails and more. When it comes to their tables, you may want to reserve ahead for Lola’s very particular when it comes to their tables.

Dada is actually one of the oldest clubs in Shanghai that was able to maintain its name. A known club in Shanghai nightlife that has been running for a number years where you can find both a nightclub and a dive bar in one place.

The club is located at Xingfu Lu, Shanghai where you can have house, techno, and disco genres being played by Shanghai-based DJs and if you’re lucky enough, you can also have a great night in the club with some of the famous DJs in the whole China. The crowd here in Dada is more of the youngsters who love to party all night long.

You can have nice drinks in Dada with only 30 or 40rmb depending on what you’d like for the night. Dada usually closes early during weekdays but when weekends strikes, they could stay late for up to five in the morning.

The Shelter

A club that is located in the basement of Yongfu Lu and is now one of the most famous clubs in Shanghai. The Shelter has been dominating Shanghai nightlife for the past eight years and still counting.

The Shelter does also have its own DJs that are known in Shanghai too and some of those are Dam Funk, Kode 9 and Madlib. Music genres here in The Shelter depend on the night but Wednesday is usually for hip hop music lovers while Thursdays are for those who like techno.

When weekend comes, The Shelter closes at around 5am and by the way, they usually ask for an entrance fee during Fridays and Saturdays that costs 50 up to 100rmb a person but you don’t have to worry when it comes to their drinks for they have cheap beers and cocktails that starts at 30rmb just for you.


If you’re already trying The Shelter then Arkham should be the next one in your list. Arkham can be found at Wulumuqi Lu, Shanghai and also a good place to try clubs in Shanghai where you can find a large club that can accommodate 600 up to 800 people.

Arkham is only operational every Fridays and Saturdays but sometimes open during weekdays. Aside from being large, people tend to visit the place for their drinks to for they tend to have cheap beers and spirits which made the place a good one for those who are in a budget.

Bar Rouge

You can find Bar Rouge this number one club in Shanghai at Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, Shanghai. Bar Rouge has been operational since 2004 and the club was able to make itself very famous through its great features that are indeed very classy and unique.

Bar Rouge is not just for those who loves to spend their weekend in a club but also for those who wants to have fun during weekdays that is why they have their ladies night every Thursday which made Thursday night’s a great one for both girls who wanted to have fun in a club for free and for the gents who wants to meet pretty and hot ladies in the clubs in Shanghai.

The club usually plays house and techno but can also have hip hop music occasionally. As the club gets busy during weekends, they often have a cover charge that costs 100rmb.


Although M1NT is a known club in the city that is very strict when it comes to their dress code, you can still find a lot of locals and foreigners visiting the place. M1NT is located at Fuzhou Lu, Shanghai and what you would love in this club is its view.

M1NT is in the top most floors in a skyscraper found just near of the Bund which gives you the very nice view of Shanghai nightlife. As you get inside, you’ll see some shark tanks as their decoration and they too have their own restaurant while also having a club and a lounge area at the same time.

When going to their dance floor, you would notice that the place is full of both Chinese locals and foreigners having a great time together. Also, most of the crowd here in M1NT are young people. And if you wanted to have your own table with your friends in the club, make sure you’ll have a reservation first before you head to the club for assurance purposes.

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