Madurai | The Shopping Affair

 Madurai | The Shopping Affair

Madurai is also known as the cultural capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The city of Madurai has many historical monuments and rich heritage of its own due to the influences of various dynasties all over the place like the Cholas, Pandyas and Vijayanagara. The name ‘Madurai’ was derived from the word ‘madhura’ meaning sweetness, and there are many more and stories behind the origin of the name. The ‘thoonga nagaram’ or the city which never sleeps is a pretty accurate description of the city surrounded by Dravidian architecture style. Apart from the various religious and historical tourist spots to visit, the shopping Madurai is one of the experience that is absolutely worth having. Famous for its bangles to silk and cotton sarees with ‘bateek’, Madurai is has it all!.

And here is the list of top places one can have a lifetime ‘SouthIndian’ style of shopping affair. So, head to these places for shopping in Maduraia and get ready to splurge and shop!

Puthu Mandapam Market

The Puthu Mandapam has a huge line of tailors sewing hundreds of fabrics. These tailors are skilled enough to stitch your clothes according to your measurements and choices and give you wonderful complete clothing articles within an hour or two. This market also has aluminium and bronze metal dealers with remarkable crafted articles which can be used as decoration pieces or for the purpose of puja like diyas, idols of Gods etc. The market has reasonable price, and one can acquire some souvenirs for their visit Madurai. After shopping, one can take rest and enjoy the beauty of Potramarai tank just behind the market.

Location: just inside to the eastern entrance of Meenakshi temple.

What to buy: batik and handicraft work on cotton fabrics, for which Madurai is famous for.

When to go: in the evening when the crowd of shoppers are the highest

Cottage Arts Emporium

One can buy handicraft jewellery and article for loved ones. Excellent artefacts made with metal, glass, wood and stone can be found at reasonable prices. Elegant handwoven shawls and silk sheets can be found which will leave you satisfied with its quality and designs. Many beautiful paintings and wooden dolls for showpieces can also be found. It is nearby the Meenakshi temple and takes about an hour to shop and visit. It is an experience worth having and will give you an insight into traditional and authentic Indian handicraft industry.

Location: Chitrai Street

What to buy: Arts and crafts products, embroidery shawls and decorative pieces

When to go: From 10 am to 6 pm is the best time slot to visit.

Vishal De Mall

It is the first largest mall established in southern Tamil Nadu and is one of the best 100 malls in India. It has been constructed in a huge area of 2,20,000 square feet. It has vast shopping complexes, entertainment areas, theme parks, food courts, and lush green parks and gardens with terrific and satisfactory aesthetics. It is an excellent place to kill time and takes approximately 2 hours for a complete visit. It will surely be a delightful visit as it started the trend of large format malls in Tamil Nadu.

Location: Gokhale Road, Chinna Chokkikulam

What to buy: It is a general utility mall so, go ahead and buy whatever you like.

The Avani Moola Street

A market is a fantastic place for handicraft works from local retailers. The street offers various handcrafts like bags, clothes, shoes, shawls etc. Almost every other item can be purchased from here. The narrow streets and small lighted shops give a glimpse to the busy life of people in Madurai. It is the job of most of the handicraft markets and is basically a commercial area so you can find stuff at pocket-friendly prices.

Location: Near Meenakshi temple

Masi Street

It is a place filled with all fashionable things from local small shops to big showrooms. It is a place where the youth and fashionistas will get satisfied with clothes in everything trendy to traditional being available here. The streets are busy with hoards of sellers and young buyers to save a little money even when buying things which give a higher look and style. A famous shop in Masi street is Shanti Marketing shops which is a right and trustable place to buy.

Location: Main Madurai Road, Masi street

What to buy: Fashionable and Trendy clothes

Madurai Mall

Madurai mall is one of the best malls in Madurai and is a place which can fulfil all the needs of a shopaholic. It has spacious food courts serving traditional Madurai cuisine and South Indian food. The feel of the mall is very welcoming and warm, which leaves the visitors quite pleased. There are many high-end jewellery shops and boutique stores in the mall. The entertainment area of the mall is also very nice. The overall experience of the Madurai Mall is remarkable as it offers a lot of options to its guests.

Location: West Marren Street, Madurai Main

What to buy: High-end jewellery, clothes and other things.


The Hajeemoosa shop is one of the best places to buy the right fabric and clothes of various designs and colours with a vast collection from Banarasi sarees to Kanjeevaram. The shop has an antique vibe and a legacy of the year 1875. It has become a landmark clothing shop in the city of Madurai. Being one of the oldest shops in Madurai, it still sticks to the old traditional values. The visit can take anywhere from an hour to 2 hours depending upon the interest of the visitor. Overall it is a place worth to have a look at least to feel the heritage of the place. They do have quality products that will leave one satisfied, but the prices tend to be on the higher side.

Location: Madurai main

What to buy: Banarasi sarees in various designs and colours to Kanjeevaram.

Rajmahal Silks

It is another textile shopping place in Madurai with excellent quality of fabrics. They have silk textiles as the main fabric in their shop. It is a top place in Madurai when buying branded materials and is also the main textile house of Madurai. The sarees, pullovers, dhotis etc. available there are of excellent design and are suitable for casual wear to even luxurious ones. The quality of products is bound to be top-notch in this place, and the designs are unique. It is among the best shop for a saree lover to go and visit.

Location: Vengalakadia Street, Madurai Main

What to buy: Silk fabrics are available, you can buy sarees, pullovers and Dhotis

ThangamayilJewellery & Gemstones

It is a beautiful place to go for jewellery shopping as Madurai is primarily known for its elegant and uniquely designed gold jewellery. It is the best-known shop for beautifully and exquisitely crafted jewellery, gemstone works and wall hangings. It is worth a visit for every jewellery enthusiasts visiting Madurai.

Poompuhar’s Sales Showroom

It has the most beautifully crafted collection of brass lamps, hangings, and artefacts. It has unique woodwork and stonework typical to Madurai. The exquisite designs are loved by everyone who visits the place. It has an extensive and lovely collection of handcrafted articles which can act as a fun and memorable gifts, souvenirs, and showpieces at homes to add a Dravidian style to the interiors.

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