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Madurai | The city of ancient culture and ethnic aspects

Madurai, the city of ancient culture and ethnic aspects is one of the counter magnetic cities which is blessed with serene temples and a tranquil environment. Madurai has been depicted as the Pandyan administration’s seat of the kingdom. The sanctuary city of Madurai, balanced on the banks of the Vaigai stream, stands out as a famous city throughout the entire existence of South India. The historical backdrop of Madurai has existed for more than 2400 years, and it is known to be the main city in the Southern landmass. Madurai is the third biggest city in Tamil Nadu and has been wonderfully alluded to as the Athens of the East and the City of Celebrations. Here is a list of all the top resorts near Madurai that gives one a sense of perfectly blended ancient and modern lives in and around!

Witness the greatness of this city by staying at a few below mentioned prominent resorts. These resorts can enrich your vacation into a luxurious stay through its services.

Kadambavanam Ethnic Resort

This resort is well known for its temple of Tamil tradition. Kadambavanam is a perfect classical picture that you have been waiting for. This place is well settled for the preservation and conservation of living tradition by the method of numerous comprehensive activities on the campus of the ethnic resort and cultural center. You are wholeheartedly welcomed at this place with the modern tinge of hospitality offered to the guests.

Hotel Jungle Stay

Hotel jungle stay becomes one of the most popular resorts in the city because of its welcoming natural beauty and remarkable experiences. It can extraordinarily seize your subconscious mind. A perfect place that can keep you away from the noisy crowd to make your mind calm and composed. Located on the side of Thiruparankundram Hills full of alluring iconic views, this place will leave an imprint on the mind with its serenity and tranquility.

Blanket Hotel And Spa

Blanket Hotel and Spa, is a luxurious resort perfect for any type of guest. It is one of the top hotels in the list of 5-star hotels. This place welcomes the guests with the warmth of its quality services. They offer luxurious as well as modern amenities for marvelous staying experience for their guests. An ideal association of the magnificence of nature and the lavishness of top-end extravagance is the thing that attracts settlement at this resort.

Svatma Resort

Svatma resort is an exemplary resort in the outskirts of Madurai. This place is a splendid resort leaned in the cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu. Your experience at Svatma is going to be a journey of the revelation of the mind with the help of relaxation. Svatma is a reputed and quite popular amongst the riches of the city. A positive vibe of rich totality and healthiness is the thing that is offered by this resort which makes your involvement special with every type of solace given under one rooftop. The Svatma resort is all about the magnificent charms of old Tamil Nadu – its crafts, architectural legacy and culture.

Mount Retreat

Here is the prominent resort located around 16 km from the Madurai bus stand, Mount Retreat is a peaceful spot that is well known for its outing goal. It is enriched with lush greenery and an excellent environment. You can witness the real beauty by staying here at Mount Retreat. It is well-encompassing with fog kissed mountains and mango plantations view. The perspective on the mountains, rich plantations, and the tranquillity of the surroundings can spread its synergy into your life.

Alps Residency

Alps residency is a perfect budget-friendly resort for every kind of traveler. Whether you are a solo traveler, on a family trip or a business trip, this is widely suitable for all types of voyagers. This place is enriched with numerous innovative interiors, modern and recent technologies which make it perfect business or conferences. The imaginative insides of the inn can make your vacation invigorating, contemporary, and calming. The whole atmosphere of the inn is normal and can be called a home away from home.

Kushi Beach Resort

Kushi Beach Resort is one of the most pocket-friendly resorts located in the core of the city at the edge of the ocean. This Resort is a jewel possessing a wide presence of Traditional Palm Tree structure. When you will be staying at this resort than in the daytime, you can unfold the bag of worries and stress on the White Sandy Beach or you can take a drive to the Rameswaram Temples and lunch at a walkway bistro. Around evening time, you can enjoy the customary South Indian dishes loaded up with assortments of SeaFood. With the amazing quality of services by Kushi Beach Resort, it will give a serene unwind and make the most of your relaxation days calm and composed.

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