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Kanyakumari | The Religious Magnitude

Kanyakumari is famous for being the southernmost point of India. It is a well-known tourist destination. This place has an extension of natural resources and carries great historical and religious magnitude. The gravity of ancient sites and religious places pulls devotees and history lovers towards the place. Consequently, it will be a perfect statement to define Kanyakumari as a top priority among travellers and tourists, for the religious as well as natural attractions.

So, here we are, discussing a specific religious site, the churches in Kanyakumari that have attracted tourists due to their peaceful and calm appeal. Here they are!

Here is a list of top churches in Kanyakumari that will give you the required amount of peace in your Kanyakumari trip. We suggest going to any of these for a couple hours, max, to get the dose of satisfaction:

The All Saints Church

The All Saints Church is the most distinguishable church in Muttom. It has almost 800 devotees and, in addition, a publicly praised traveler landing place. This congregation is placed on the extremely beautiful shores of the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. The conclave here is arranged perfectly, joined by water and street. It is a catholic church and has innate Portuguese principle amid the period 1875-1914. The brilliant beauty of Portuguese structural strategy is evidently seen in the extravagant front and simple yet wonderful insides.

Imperial Church

Situated in Thiruvithamcode and sometimes known by names like Thomaiyar Kovil or St Mary’s Orthodox Church. It is generally believed that it was shaped by St. Thomas, known as the Apostle of India, one of the twelve sacred missionaries of the Lord Jesus Christ. The congregation took its shape in the seventeenth century and divided into three sections at that time. Further progress was made in the twentieth century. A passageway corridor was developed. Its dividers are assembled of stone quarried locally, and embossed by gifted specialists a multi-tipped hand driven etches.

St. Xavier’s Cathedral

St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral is one of the most famous churches in Kanyakumari, located in Kottar. Kottar is the second indispensable place after Goa, where individuals from varying backgrounds, dialect and religion were united by faith and regarded St. Xavier. It is one of the most acknowledged places of worship in Tamil Nadu.

St. Catherine Church

St. Catherine Church lies on the coastal edge of Arabian Sea, in the village of Eraviputhenthurai, which falls under the Thoothoor Village Panchayat in the Vilavancode taluk inside the Kanyakumari District. The church plays an essential role in routine chores of the people of the village. St. Catherine Church is built under the Diocese of Cochin, and was constructed under the supervision of English Missionaries.

St.Thasnavis Matha Church

The church is devoted to St.Thasnavis Matha (Our Lady of Snows) and established in the year of 1954 in The Maravankudieruppu Village that was constructed in 1781 by Thiru. Swamiyadian Thirupappu Nadar and his antecedents. It is one of the best churches in Kanyakumari to have a peaceful time.

Our Woman of Ransom Church

The Shrine of Our Lady of Ransom welcomes the visitors with three sky-scraping towers that seem to stand sturdily in the bright sun and transmit their gleaming white. The peace and beauty is well defined by the shores nearby, where the pontoons and ships are fastened secured. The congregation invites every one of the individuals with their satisfying sight who come here to pray earnestly or to appreciate the glory of the building design.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church

The church has its presence in the Ramapuram Village in the Kanyakumari District, and it has a 150 year old history. The community of Nanjil Nattu Vellalar Pillai was orthodox but several families belonging to elite high-class Hindu sect took to conversion and they became Roman catholic. Hence, this church came into existence to cater to these people.

Our Lady of Fatima Church

The church is popular as Kallukoottam R.C. Church and is visited by the Catholic Christians. The church gives opportunity to the children to live up to the Catholic faith. There are also Eucharistic celebrations during the times of Christmas. The towers of this church in Kanyakumari excels the artsman prowess of mechanization to express the flourishing of architecture.

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