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Interlaken | The Day & Nightlife Scene

Interlaken nightlife scene can be summed up in one word, hip. The city has the highest number of nightclubs per capita and myriads of venues for shows and parties hosted in hotels and indoors. Though there are numerous bars, clubs and pubs that you can visit in Interlaken, below we’ve listed the 10 best bars, clubs and pubs.

After a tiring day of hiking, rock climbing and other activities, head to these 10 dance clubs and nightclubs in the evening for an outing with your friends or family:

Balmer’s Metro Bar

A popular hangout spot especially for youngsters looking for night entertainment, it has an underground bar and club where you can get drinks and enjoy events hosted regularly where international DJs, bands and other entertainers show up, the entry is free and the place is rather cheap making it an ideal party place.

Funny Farm

This backpackers hotel has a fun nightlife that you can indulge in, they have a space pool and camp area where you can lay back and relax with drinks and snacks during the after noon and later on from 8:30 PM to 12 AM between the months of May to September there are bonfires lit outside and the Guinness Tent is put up where you can enjoy nightly shows, there is also a lounge with happy hours between 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM and blues night every Saturday,

Hüsi Bierhaus

One of the more popular and well received bars in Interlaken is the Hüsi Bierhaus which offers a range of craft beer, ciders, spirits and other drinks they also offer high quality food and a great atmosphere, this bar is located in Postgasse and is open from 3 PM to 12:30 PM on weekdays, from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM on Saturdays and 11:30 AM to 12:30 AM on Sundays.

The Three Tells

This Irish pub provides an authentic Irish pub atmosphere and serves high quality food and a great selection of local and world beers along with Irish beers, opened recently in 2011 this pub has increased in popularity and along with great food and drink also does party bookings and has a terrace area where people can socialize and just relax. This pub is located in Hauptstrasse and is open from 4 PM to 12:20 AM during weekdays and from 11 AM to 12:30 AM on weekends.

Erotik club

Toast in the jacuzzi in front of a breathtaking panorama while sipping on some chardonnay. You will ideally have to book a spot in advance and the price depends on the choice of services you ask for. This adult club is located in Harderstrasse, close to the Hangover club, and is open from 12 PM to 2 AM every day.

Crazy Mary’s Pub

This is another famous pub that has numerous regular customers and for good reason as this pub provides a variety of drinks and beers along with good quality and live performances by local and international bands. The atmosphere is amazing and the bartenders and waiters are very hospitable. This pub is located in Rosenstrasse and is open on Monday to Saturday from 4 PM to 12:30 AM and on Sundays it is open from 7 PM to 12:30 AM.

Buddy’s Pub

Another popular pub which offers attentive service, a great variety of drinks and beers along with food. The atmosphere is amazing along with the old style furniture and looks, the price is decent and worth it. The pub is located in Blumenstrasse and is open from 4:30 AM to 10 PM from weekdays and from 4:30 AM to 8 PM on Tuesdays, it is closed on Sundays.

Jamming Corner

This is a well-received local hangout which is a combination of a bar, shop and a café where people of varying age groups come together to have fun and relax to reggae music. This pub is located in Bahnhofstrasse in Switzerland and is open from 4 PM to 12:30 AM daily.

Johnny’s Pub and Grill

This cozy and simple pub offers really good food and drinks it also has a dancing area along with live DJs and bands this is an ideal spot for those who love dancing and want to have a fun night. This pub is located in Hoheweg and is open from 10 PM to 3 AM from Tuesday to Thursday, from 10 PM to 5 AM from Friday to Saturday and is closed on Monday.

Secret 6

This is another adult bar that provides massages, baths and other sauna services. The prices may vary depending on the kind of sauna services you want. This place is located in Sendistrasse and is open from 2 PM to 2 AM from Monday to Thursday and from 2 PM to 4 AM from Friday and Saturday.

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