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Bali | Treat to Shopaholic You

The Indonesian island – Bali has much to offer when it comes to calming down the Shopaholic within you. From exquisite designer wear to Kopi Luwak coffee, and much more, it’s got something for everyone, and the pocket-friendly prices only make shopping in Bali more fun. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to call shopping in Bali, Seminyak a dream come true situation. With a lot of bustling hotspots and some attractive items, here is your chance to buy the best from Bali. There are pretty souvenirs to bring back home and one can also explore the vast variety of Balinese fashion at modern boutiques and local shops.

Grab your notepad while you take a look at the best things to buy from Bali and the best spots for shopping, so you know exactly where to head out and what to buy from Bali while you are out and about in the Island of Gods!

There are several things that you must buy in Bali when going for shopping. We’ve mentioned 12 such things keeping in mind several factors, one of them being affordability. Go ahead and have a look to find what to shop in Bali as well as why to buy them!

Retail: For The Lovers Of High-End Brands

For everyone who fancies watches or designer threads, Bali is a great place to shop. Cheap clothes shopping in Bali are available in plenty here. Apart from Gucci and Bvlgari stores, it has high-end stores of famous Australian designers like Mister Zimi, Alice McCall, and Auguste Frank in the Bali shopping malls. You can also buy your some amazing prints, super fine linens and kaftans, and dreamy dresses from stores of French designer Magali Pascal, and Brazilian brand Uma and Leopold. The flamboyant prints and the classic boho styles completely make up for the money you spend and make them the top things to buy in Bali.

Ideal For: Anyone who has a heart for designer exclusive threads.

Where: You can easily shop for designer threads in Seminyak or Petitenget.

Chocolates: For Those Who Know What Happiness Tastes Like

From organic dark and almond milk chocolates to Kopi Luwak coffee, Bali has a lot of local produce to offer. If you often preach coffee is life or are a chocolate lover, there are no reasons why you shouldnt think about stocking up these things when shopping in Bali. For a productive Bali shopping experience, you can take a day trip to Ubud Teba Sari plantation and shop for coffee beans, spices, and other local herbs. In fact, you must also try the Luwak coffee at any of the chic cafes in Ubud rather than just buying it from the Bali markets.

Ideal For: Coffee and chocolate lovers.

Where: Kintamani region in north-eastern Bali is the prominent coffee growing area from where you can shop for Kopi Luwak. It can also be purchased from most of the grocery stores or the nearby markets.

Handicrafts: For The Vintage Item Collecters

Apart from local produce, Bali also promotes its artisans and their commendable talent by bringing the spotlight on the goods crafted by them. They continue to be one of the best things to shop in Bali for every traveler who visits here. From vintage furniture to handmade terracotta, these handicrafts are the utmost essentials to buy when shopping in Bali, if you plan to take the real slice of Bali to your home!

Ideal For: These are the ideal things to buy from Bali Indonesia if you are an art admirer.

Where: Sukawati or Ubud market is a great place to stop by and shop for traditional products. Apart from these, you can also visit the Souq or Mercredi stores in Seminyak.

Jewelry: For Exquisite Handmade Jewellery Fans

Silverware is not only one of the top things to buy in Bali, but also the best. From antique to tribal, you can consider buying anything since Bali is known for having some of te worlds best gold and silversmiths, and their artistry stands second to none. What makes your Bali shopping experience here better, is the opportunity to witness the skilled artisans create these handcrafted pieces at the John Hardy Workshop yourself. So, keep your worries away and spend on the jewelry you find most exclusive and exquisite. This is one of the best markets in Bali for shopping for jewelry.

Ideal For: Anyone who has fancies silver or loves collecting jewelry.

Where: Visit the John Hardy Workshop or Studio Perak in Ubud to explore some of the finest and stunning handcrafted silver jewelry.

Furniture: For Those Who Admire Elegant Furniture

Shopping is among the most wonderful activities in Seminyak for relaxation. Canvas art, chiseled chairs, wall paintings, and antique furniture in Bali defines the real class and elegance. These are undoubtedly the best things to shop in Bali, which help in styling your home with a perfect vintage feel. Your trip to Bali can be a great opportunity to learn the art of furniture shopping as you wander from one market to another. So, if you’re done picking fancy clothing and souvenirs in Ubud and still wondering “what to buy in Bali 2020”, head to Seminyak straight away!

Ideal For: Couples or anyone renovating their home or planning to give it a vintage feel.

Where: Saya Gallery in Seminyak is a huge store for those who dont mind spending pennies, while Bambooku and Kuluk Gallery are perfect spots for those in search of treasure within a budget.

Bags: For The People Who Like Unique Pieces

With the speed Bali is becoming a major hub for all things sustainable and eco-friendly, the demand to shop eco-products have also become common. Brands like Ono Creations promotes it ethical, leather-soft bags made from sustainably sourced fibers like cork oak, and Threads of Life produces exquisitely detailed textiles as an effort to preserve the culture. This is now one of the best things to shop in Bali if you’re an environment-friendly shopper. This is touted as one of the best markets in Bali for shopping for footwear.

Ideal For: These bags and fabrics are a great buy for eco-friendly shoppers.

Where: You can shop for these eco-products from brands like Ono Creations, Threads of Life, or Smile Clothing.

Fragrances: For Updating Your Perfume Collection

Irrespective of whether its your first trip here or not, fragrances and body oils are the best things to buy in Bali and even take home as gifts for your loved ones. You can also shop for your favorite brands makeup products, skin or hair care essentials, as you get them at a really reasonable price here. So be the carefree shopper and stock up as much as you can, of course, keeping in mind your baggage allowance.

Ideal For: Anyone who loves to hoard skin care products and other cosmetics.

Where: Utama Spice in Gianyar and Denpasar is a great store for shopping in Bali for every kind of body care product you may need.

Streetwear: For Those Who Love To Bargain

From classy shades to trendy tops and sarongs, from the latest designs in shoes to stylish kimonos, this place has amazing cheap things to buy in Bali that you should really tick off your what to buy in Bali list. From women to kids, you will find something for everyone on the streets of Sukawati, Ibu Suzy, and Ubud. Your trip to Bali and shopping experience will remain incomplete if you dont make yourself wander on the streets of Bali, taking pride in some pennies that you successfully saved.

Ideal For: People who love street shopping.

Where: Sukawati market in Gianyar and Ibu Suzy are the perfect places to shop and show your bargaining prowess.

Souvenirs: For Quirky Gift Items

Being quite popular for its markets and local handicrafts, shopping in Bali Kuta offers you an amazing chance to buy from a wide range of souvenir options to take home for your friends or family. Out of the many best things to shop in Bali, a few of them to take are the Gemala Bali Silver for women, Kopi Luwak for coffee lovers, quirky gifts, sarongs, and Bali batiks for people who admire fashion and culture.

Ideal For: Friends and family, or yourselves to preserve memories of your trip.

Where: You can either visit the Ubud market, the Krisna Oleh Oleh Souvenir Store in Kuta, or the markets in Tuban to shop for a good variety of mementos.

Barong Masks – For Carrying The Bali Essence Back Home

Barong Masks play an important role in Balinese history and spiritual traditions. Once used only during sacred rites and rituals performed in temples, these marks have now become an integral part of Balinese tourism and are found in almost every Bali shopping market. These unique and eye-catching masks are made out of different types of wood, including teak and hibiscus and showcase the skill and dexterity of the master carvers of Bali. Visit Mas village to see the locals working on these creative masks using over 30 different tools and buy the ones you like if you’re thinking what to buy from Bali.

Ideal For: Everyone

Where: Mas village, Bali markets in Ubud

Organic Skincare Products – For Pampering Yourself

Wondering what to buy in Bali which has yet not been covered? It seems that Balinese women have finally revealed their secret and are ready for the world to learn from their beauty tips. Balinese people usually only rely on organic, home-grown beauty products made from special herbs and local flowers. You will find here a lot of body and facial scrubs, face masks, massage oils, soaps, and a lot more, mostly made out of flower infused oils and lemongrass. If you’re visiting the proper stores for the best shopping in Bali, you can get great deals on authentic organic beauty products to take home.

Ideal For: There can’t be a better gesture to show care and concern towards the special ladies in your life!

Where: Bali Balance, Kou Bali, Ubud Bali shopping market

Beachwear: For Surfing Enthusiasts

With beautiful beaches around the island, surfing undoubtedly remains one of the popular things to do here even today. Hence, beach and surf wear are one of the best things to buy in Bali. You can experience the thrill of surfing by stopping by at the popular surf stores like Rip Curl and Billabong or the small boutique stores, and grab some comfortable surf wear to start with. From board shorts to bikinis and surfboards, these stores have everything you might be looking for.

When shopping in Bali, a beach wear is a must buy for every woman out there! For beach wear, Bali Boatshed is a great place in Seminyak, which offers amazing colorful beach gear, bags, towels, and swimwear. You can also shop for bikinis within the comfort of your hotel room, where Praia Beachwear may send their sales associates with the selected pieces you chose online for trying and buying purposes. While shopping in Bali, Seminyak, beachwear is the most popular choice.

Ideal For: Beach and surf wear are the perfect things to buy in Bali for surfers or anyone who loves water sports in Bali, and women who love spending their day at the beaches.

Where: Rip Curl, Quiksilver Boardriders Cafe in Jalan Legian, Drifter Surf Shop Cafe in Seminyak, and Chilli Bali in Kuta are some of the renowned places to buy surf wear. Whereas, Bali Boatshed and Bistro St Tropez are good places to buy beach wear.

Bali Ceramics – For Your Home Needs

One of the ideal things to get from Bali is the ceramic items which make a great souvenir to bring home. There are many shops in Bali which sell items made of ceramic which includes basic tableware and intricate incense burners. Alongside that one can also get their hand on the ceramic statues which are beautifully carved and makes a great pick. These souvenirs reflect the methods of the artisans which has been passed on since generations.

Ideal For: Everyone who is fond of fancy home decor items

Where: Ubud Ceramics and Woodcraft, Kevala Home, Kim Soo Home

Dream Catchers – For That Boho Touch

If you have an eye for boho items, then dream catcher can be a good buy while thinking about what to buy in Bali. These eye-catching Talismans are known to be here for a long time now and has been traced back from the 1960s. These hoops are interwoven with webs, beads and feathers and give a visual appeal. Bali is famous for these dreamcatchers add an edge to a boring and it is definitely a must-buy.

Ideal For: Everyone who is fond of fancy home decor items

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