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Amsterdam | Canals, Coffee shops & beyond

With its famous canals, legendary coffeeshops, fascinating museums, and its extraordinary nightclubs, Amsterdam is one of the most visited and loved cities in the entire world. If you are looking for an unforgettable night out, this dazzling city offers the best one. The capital of the Netherlands has grown to become one of Europe’s coolest cities to party since Amsterdam clubs are appealing to everyone. 

Nightlife in Amsterdam is not stuck in one place either, there are a lot of nightclubs and bars in every district of the city – and not only the Red Light District. The most known (and expensive) bars in Amsterdam are, of course, in the epic Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein areas, but you can find other awesome nightclubs in every corner.

From posh nightclubs to abandoned warehouses, Amsterdam nightclubs are always overflowing with wicked people who like to party. Amsterdam might be a small city, but it has several districts. Every area has a different vibe and different party culture. So, if you don’t want to miss out on any of the hot tips of Amsterdam nightlife areas, here are the best nightclubs in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam West (Oud-West)

Being known as the most diverse part of the city, the West offers a nice time for every taste. With its busy shops, fine dining, cool pubs, and cozy cafes, this district is always fun, whether it is day or night.

If you are looking for an epic night out, Oud-West is a great spot to start the party. When the night hits, there’s nothing more exciting than wandering around the streets of Amsterdam West and finding the best nightclub! Here are some of the best nightclubs of the West district!

De School

De School is an art cafe, restaurant, night club and also a concert venue. As can be seen from the name, this club was built as a technical school, but later it was converted into a massive nightclub. In this cool club, you can enjoy many local DJs, but international DJs often visit here as well.

De School is actually in the basement of the school, which has a capacity of 700 people all at once. So plenty of room to let loose! If that is not enough, the club also has a music venue, cultural center, and restaurant!  Another great part of this club is that it has a 24/7 permit, which means that here is open every single time!


Club VLLA is notorious for its unique electronic music nights in Amsterdam. This former funeral home offers a small, intimate place, and the best music of all time.

With its very cool regulars, this place is more “cozier” nightclub option. The best part? VLLA is also budget-friendly. You can find the best cheap drinks while enjoying great music.


If you are looking for a very spacious dance hall with epic laser, strobe lights, and excessive light shows, you have to check out the WesterUnie nightclub. This massive industrial-style club is located on the beautiful grounds of Westerpark, and it is one of the most popular clubs for party people in Amsterdam. With its over-the-top performances, techno, and house music, WesterUnie is a great club for “hardcore” partying. The interior of the WesterUnie consists of no-frill concrete and brick walls, which gives the club a modern vibe. So, if you are looking for a legendary night out that you will never forget, check out the WesterUnie.


OT301 is one of the main nightclubs, which is famous for its deafening techno nights in Amsterdam. This former cinema academy is known for its unpretentious and insane cultural events and incredible dance parties. 

It is a perfect fit, if you are looking for a club that you can release the stress of work and meet extraordinary people on the dance floor.


Want to enjoy a mini-festival during summer and magical wonderland during winter? If your answer is hell yes, then you have to check out the Thuishaven.

Thuishaven is an outdoor & indoor club which is located in the far west of Amsterdam. With its unique program and amazing day & night parties, this club stands out among other clubs in the West district. The site of the club is surrounded by massive oil tankers, and scrap metal yards, which creates such a raw and industrial atmosphere.

From October till April, you can enjoy the heated tents of the club, and between May and September, you can enjoy the wicked stage performances in the open air! If that is not enough, you can also have a quiet hilarious time at the laughing-gas bar with your friends.


BRET is made of bright-red shipping containers, this super cool venue is for people who are looking for not only dance parties but also calm dinner & drinks.

Located right next to the Amsterdam Sloterdijk train station, BRET offers an impressive musical agenda for everyone. Especially on Friday nights, you can enjoy nice, soulful music around 7 pm, and dance like nobody is watching after midnight! If you are into house and techno music, you will love BRET.

Warehouse Elementenstraat

During the 90s, this massive old warehouse has been used for one of the biggest house nights of Amsterdam which is called “Multigroove” for years. Unfortunately, it lost its fame to other amazing industrial nightclubs of Amsterdam.

Thanks to GZG, who is a young collective of techno artists, Warehouse Elementenstraat is once again home to the biggest techno promoters of The Netherlands!  If you are into techno, house, and other EDM genres, you will love Warehouse Elementenstraat!

De Marktkantine

If you love especially deep-house and other house music genres, you will love this nightclub. Not only that, but De Marktkantine also plays a lot of techno, dnb, and funky music.

De Marktkantine is famous for having one of the most original, and high-quality music collectives of the Netherlands, which is called the Gardens of Babylon. With its big and round dance floor, amazing sound-system, and high-end artists selections, here is another popular choice among music lovers of all ages! Just note that De Marktkantine is open every Friday and Saturday from 11 pm till 5 am.


With its deafening techno nights, RADION is another extremely popular nightclub and cultural hotspot among the young generation in Amsterdam. Here, you can enjoy many occasional concerts, live performances, and incredible exhibitions as well.

RADION has a 24-hours permit, but the club is closed at 7 am. But don’t worry – this means that you can get to enjoy other cultural activities within this epic industrial warehouse.

Places to Party in Amsterdam East (Amsterdam-Oost Bars)

The eastern part of Amsterdam is also known as Amsterdam Oost by the locals. It has the perfect mix of modern and traditional buildings and places and should be a part of every Amsterdam itinerary. With its more of a hipster vibe, here you can enjoy the fresh air and greenery of Oosterpark, Amsterdam’s beautiful scenery, and of course, the wild nightlife!


Spacious clubs are cool, but if you are looking for a more friendly and intimate club, you have to check out to Oosterbar. Located under the Generator Hostel, you will have one of the best nights of your life in Oosterbars buddy-buddy basement!

Here, you can enjoy hip-hop, R&B, funk, soul, and house music in an incredible industrial atmosphere. P.S. Oosterbar also has the best cocktails!

De Tropen

If you are a big fan of collectives like Madness Cr3w, you have to check out the De Tropen Bar at De Tropen Museum! In its elite location, you can enjoy famous DJs playing a wide selection of jazz, future beats, hiphop, and house music! So, don’t forget to wear your best party dress and enjoy the rhythm.

Amsterdam Roest

Interested in the pool and beach parties during summer, and dance by the water during winter? Then you have to visit the Roest!

With its industrial hang-out by the water, and epic program varies from reggae, afro beats to house and disco nights, you can dance like an animal starting from 10 pm every weekend!


Looking for impressive shows, and some sensational beats? If yes, then you have to check out Panama Club in the East district of Amsterdam! In this massive venue, you can get to enjoy the most famous names of house music while gazing at the amazing view of the IJ River.

Panama Club has a nightclub, concert venue, lobby, and restaurant all in one place. Which means, you can start your evening with a delicious meal, and then let loose at the colorful dance floor while listening to trance, techno, urban, the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s.

Amsterdam Noord Bars

Amsterdam-Noord is Amsterdam North, it was home to craftsmen, merchants, and shipbuilders 300 years ago. This has created a kind of separation from the rest of the city. In today’s date, Amsterdam-Noord is the city’s hipster neighborhood with an amazing art scene. Be sure to check out our post about Amsterdam Noord for everything you want to know about this awesome neighborhood.

Just like other districts of Amsterdam, here has also great local pubs, bars, and incredible nightclubs. So, here are some epic nightclubs of Amsterdam Noord!

Café Noorderlicht

Located on NDSM Plein, Café Noorderlicht, aka Northern Lights Cafe in English, is actually a greenhouse with an epic view. In this gorgeous and more chill cafe, you can have great food and enjoy many musical programs all year round. Here hosts many fascinating concerts, music jams, and festivals. Café Noorderlicht also offers you a beautiful outside garden, which you can enjoy during the summer!


Pllek was once a shipyard but is now an amazing party venue. There is a massive outdoor sitting area by the beach, so you can enjoy beach parties during summer months.

Pllek is not just a place to party, but is a space for creative minds to come together. The restaurant menu is 75% vegan and delicious. They have a Live Stage with a dance floor, that’s equipped with professional D&B sound. You can enjoy unique musical performances throughout the year here.

Garage Noord

Just behind the Amsterdam Central Station, you will find one of the coolest underground venues called Garage Noord! This nightclub not only has a bomb musical agenda but also has the most delicious food and cocktails. Garage Noord is famous for its electronic music, so if you are into that, don’t miss this club! And also, you have to taste its juicy burgers and Kombucha cocktails!


Located in the basement of Amsterdam Toren tower, Shelter is a 24/7 nightclub that hosts the craziest party people from all around the World! This new nightclub has gained a huge reputation as one of the best clubs in Amsterdam due to its epic music mix of harder genres of electronic and techno music. So, if you are into techno, you have to check out the Shelter!

Bars in Amsterdam Central (including Leidseplein)

And it is time for the legendary Amsterdam Center! Everyone knows that this famous city center offers a one-of-a-kind night out. Europe’s nightlife capital has a lot of options when it comes to nightclubs, venues, and bars. 

The most famous ones are, of course, in the Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein area. So, if you are ready to party at the center of the city, here are my favorite nightclubs!


Being known as a former church, Bitterzoet offers party animals an intimate atmosphere and amazing shows! With its stained-glass windows, and walls full of cool graffitis, this nightclub has a spacious bar and a massive space for dancing. In Bitterzoet, you can not only enjoy epic hip hop battles, and skateboard shows, but also listen to the splendid Afro-Cuban jazz fusion and funk jam!

Paradiso Noord

Located in Leidseplein, the Paradiso club is considered as a cultural mecca for art in North Amsterdam. With its spacious dance hall, many small rooms, and exhibition halls, this club has established itself as a community hub! If you want to party while enjoying the waterside terrace, then head to the Paradiso club!


Being one of the best Leidseplein nightlife centers, Melkweg attracts younger crowds with its tasteful program! Melkweg aka milky way in English is one of the most well-known dance clubs in the city center. This former dairy factory -hence the name- is now hosting 2200 people in its epic concert halls! If you want to party while enjoying the famous performers and progressive rock bands, you have to check out Melkweg!


And last but not least, the club Paradiso! This eclectic club is by far the most famous nightclub in Amsterdam. Being a former church, Paradiso has opened its door to the party people in 1967, and since then it has hosted many legendary DJs.

Due to its beautiful interior with stained-glass windows, and open balconies, Paradiso offers an amazing view and epic parties.

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