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Paris | Shopping, Eating & activities

Paris offers a romantic and exciting lifestyle for People to enjoy, with hundreds of first-class restaurants, some of the best shopping in the world and a stylish nightlife scene. People in Paris will have no trouble at all finding places to see or things to do in the city. Parisians have always been distinguished by gallantry and enthusiasm. They are very generous and trusting. At the same time, many tourists notice such features of local people as cunning and calculation.

They try to get the most from any situation. The culture of communication is well developed among the local people as they are taught to establish contact with others from early childhood. Here it is believed that a taciturn and modest person will never succeed, even if he/she is very talented and smart. Parisians are not distinguished by punctuality. They can be a little late even for a business meeting.

Nightlife in Paris

The City of Lights truly comes alive at night, with many distinct areas catering to their own brand of night owl. People looking to dress the part and try their hand at getting into swanky high-end clubs should meander down the Champs-Élysées, a notable stamping ground of Parisian wealth and beauty.

Those after a more relaxed atmosphere should head to Marais and Bastille, which are host to numerous bars and clubs and popular with the city’s international community. The more alternative People in search of live rock and industrial atmosphere may prefer the Grands Boulevards, which have a variety of suitable venues.

People wanting a uniquely Parisian night out could catch a cabaret show at the world-famous Moulin Rouge, located in the city district of Pigalle, or a production of the l’Opera National de Paris at the Palais Garnier.

Shopping in Paris

Paris is a perfect destination for shopaholics, as it presents plenty of opportunities to peruse aisles and lighten pockets. People can browse the boutiques along Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré for some of the best in haute couture, or stroll down the Rue Étienne Marcel for chic high-end fashion.

The Champs-Élysées area is home to the famous Guerlain Parfumerie as well as several malls. Les Halles underground mall features cheap knock-offs and trendy wares. There are a number of fantastic flea markets near the city gates to explore, as well as open-air markets trading in fresh produce, flowers and clothing.

Eating out in Paris

Paris has plenty of restaurants and cafés to offer People of all palates. As a culinary capital of the world, Paris is famed for its gourmet eateries. The city’s many patisseries also prove that food as an art form is alive and well.

The French are famous for their food but if People find that they get their fill of croissants and crème brûlée, they won’t struggle to find restaurants offering international cuisines such as Chinese, Indian, Italian and Thai food.

Outdoor activities in Paris

With a culture as serious about its leisure time as the French, it’s no wonder that Paris has plenty to offer those looking to spend the day outdoors. The city’s climate is highly seasonal, though, so the outdoor activities available often depend on the time of year.

Paris is home to a number of parks in which People can enjoy leisurely strolls throughout the year. Parc de la Villette is a particular favourite, as throughout the summer months a large screen is put up in front of which anyone can relax and watch classic films. The selection usually includes English as well as French cinema, and a screening can be a great place to enjoy a picnic. While open-air movies aren’t available in Paris during the winter, People wanting to spend time outdoors during the frosty months can instead enjoy numerous ice-skating rinks around the city.

Paris is famous for its colorful celebrations and folk festivals. Various interesting events take place here on New Year’s Eve and Christmas. During the festival you can hear the music of different styles, from classical to contemporary electronic music and rock. Bastille Day (or Storming of the Bastille) is a no less interesting holiday, which is celebrated annually on July 14. The first mention of this celebration belongs to 1789. A beautiful military parade is a mandatory attribute of the modern celebration. During this day numerous music and theater performances take place on the streets of Paris. The holiday is finished by grandiose fireworks.

The cultural life of Paris can impress anyone with its richness and diversity. In this magical city, something interesting happens all the time. Once in the centre of the metropolis, almost every hour you will be able to attend this or that event, moving from the art centre to the concert hall, admiring the performances of street artists on the way.  Famous French cuisine and wine delight gourmets at the festivities of the grape harvest. The abundance of art exhibitions and art centres attract artists of different ages and styles from around the world. National holidays, famous and prestigious music and film festivals, concerts, parades, theatrical performances, art exhibitions, art performances – all these residents of the capital arrange a fun, grandiose, with the same French taste.

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