Mexico City | Chilangos Mexican nightlife

 Mexico City | Chilangos Mexican nightlife

When one thinks of “nightlife” in Mexico, generally vacation hotspots like Cancun or Puerto Vallarta come to mind – seldom to the words “party” and Mexico City seems like it would go hand in hand, but Mexico City locals, known as “Chilangos” know that you don’t have to go to a beach town for a good time. Want to go out and enjoy the fun after-hours in Mexico City? Be sure to check out these 10 spots.

1. Mama Rumba

Live music lovers and aspiring salsa dancers, rejoice! Mama Rumba is the perfect place to go in Mexico City for those looking for a lively night of Latin music salsa dancing and a good time. This place is great for both tourists and locals looking to enjoy music until late in the night, as the party goes on until 3 am – no worries if you don’t know how to salsa, the Chilangos will be happy to teach you.

2. The rooftop of Condesa D.F.

Rooftop drinks in Mexico City? Yes, please! This gorgeous all-white rooftop is one of the best places to go in the city for a drink with some views. Though not a place to “party” all night – the rooftop of Condesa D.F. is a great way to spend a laid-back night of drinking, conversation and people watching – or it’s the perfect place to start off your party.

3. República Del Distrito Club Polanco

Located in the city’s most posh neighbourhood, Polanco, this is the perfect place to see the nightlife of Mexico City come spring to action. Always bustling, always filled with the trendy Mexican elite, this is a place where Chilangos dress to impress and come to the party. From house music to EDM and more, Republica Del Distrito is well known in the city – but remember – reservations are required.

4. Love in Polanco

Club Love in the famous district of Polanco has its weekend from Wednesdays. Here, Wednesday nights are the nights to be out and about and enjoy the fast-paced, upbeat energy of Club Love. Here, visitors and locals dance their heart out to music by the country’s top DJs in a vibrant venue open until 4 am. If you’re in the city on a Wednesday night, this is the best place to use your dancing shoes, flaunt a nice outfit and enjoy cocktails, dancing and an unbeatable non-stop party while in Mexico City.

5. Palacio de Bellas Artes

No, in terms of traditional “party all-night” places, the Palacio de Bellas Artes does not qualify – however; if you’re looking for an after-hours adventure that diverges from the party scene, this is the place to be. The absolutely breathtaking museum frequently holds events at night including nighttime tours, ballets, plays, galas and more. While the museum is incredible during the day as well, the Palacio de Bellas Artes is truly a cant-miss sight after sunset.

6. Museo de Tequila y Mezcal

Mexico’s favourite liquor comes to life at the Museo de Tequila y Mezcal. While taste-testing the various tequila and mezcal selections during the day is definitely possible, but going Thursday-Saturday after dark, when the museum is open until 2:30 am is recommended. Enjoy a guided tour and learn about all of the different types of tequila and mezcal produced in Mexico – the museum has hundreds to choose from. Best of all, you’re welcomed by a margarita upon entrance and given access to a gorgeous open balcony to enjoy your drinks.

While you are there, why not join a tour at the Plaza Garibaldi and enjoy a Festive Mexican Folkloric Show: A Mariachi Variety Show where you can dance the night away. Grab the complimentary drink, and enjoy yourself! If you have any questions, there’s a professional guide who can answer all of your queries.

7. Jules Basement

Jules Basement is a Polanco treasure that gives visitors a bar experience unlike any other in Mexico City. The sleek lounge and ambient lighting give the venue a chic, upscale feel combined with traditional Mexican culture like skulls as the base of the tables. This is undoubtedly one of the best bars to go to in Mexico City if you’re looking for a speakeasy vibe and killer cocktails. Visitors can also enjoy live music with their drinks, as this beloved bar frequently has events like Jazz nights.

8. Teotihuacan at Night

The ancient pyramids of Teotihuacan are a must-see during the day. Labelled a UNESCO world heritage site, these famous pyramids are full of Aztec history and pre-colonial Mexican culture, but at night is when they come alive. This ancient city of the Gods transforms into an enchanting light and sound show, during which visitors are able to experience the story of this intriguing city through live narration.

9. See a show at Patrick Miller

Patrick Miller might not sound like a Mexican name, but the name “Patrick Miller” is practically a household name in Mexico City. Chilangos know this famous dancehall as the best place in Mexico City to let loose and enjoy a night of disco, electronic music, costumes, dancing and people of all ages looking for a party. The huge venue is always a high-energy dance party, and those looking for an unforgettable night in a quintessential modern-Mexican dancehall should find themselves at Patrick Miller.

10. See a show at the Auditorio Nacional

Among one of the biggest concert venues in the entire world, the Auditorio Nacional hosts some of the biggest names in music from all over the world. From opera to reggeaton, all types of artists with all types of audiences make their way to the Auditorio Nacional to enjoy an unforgettable show. This grand entertainment centre has something for everyone, but be sure to look at tickets early as shows frequently sell out.

Looking for a fiesta in this Latin city that never sleeps? While you may not have time to check out every place recommended above, you’ll quickly find that nightlife in Mexico City will keep you wanting more. This truly is a city where you’ll never get bored, and one could spend an entire lifetime trying to do it all. So, while Cancun is definitely a party hot-spot for spring-breakers, for those looking for a true experience of Mexican nightlife the way the Mexicanos do it, CDMX is the go-to destination.

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