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Taipei | Local Nightlife Experiences

The beautiful city of Taipei has a lot to offer at night, from enjoying unique craft beers at a local bar to joining the cheering fans at a sports bar. Take the Maokong Gondola for tea, go to Yongchungang Park for a night tour, and then visit Huashan 1914, Creative Park, to experience the unique charm of the ancient relics by night.

During the summer months, find a park and watch the fireflies light up the night sky. For a different experience, you can go to the National Theater and Concert Hall if you love music or drama, or visit a night exhibition at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. To end the day, you can treat yourself to a massage performed by a skilled professional to relieve fatigue after your journey and melt away the stresses of everyday life.

Drink craft beer

Craft beer has become very popular in Taipei in recent years. Several microbreweries have sprung up, and you’ll find bars offering incredible night views, microbreweries that have won international awards, as well as stylish bars hidden down laneways. Some bars even offer tastings.

Watch the night scene at Keelung Riverside

The Keelung River, which winds through downtown Taipei, has many riverside parks and scenic bridges along its banks, making it a fantastic place for a stroll after dinner. The river passes through Beitou, Shilin and Nangang District in Taipei. After nightfall, a splendid landscape is unveiled, with lights along the river and towering mountains around the Taipei Basin.

Many people visit the riverside park where they can enjoy a walk surrounded by beautiful night views. Keen photographers even go check the location before sunset, hoping to capture the splendid river scenery after nightfall.

Taipei sports bars

If you like to watch sports, don’t miss the chance to join the cheering fans at a sports bar in Taipei. Taipei has a large number of sports bars serving American, Japanese or Taiwanese snacks as well as a wide variety of beers and cocktails. The sports gets shown on large television or projection screens, and you can eat and drink while cheering loudly for your team.

The sports bars are always full during the season. As the game comes to a close, the customers stand up and cheer together, creating a great atmosphere of camaraderie and fun. Some bars also have darts and other recreational facilities, so you can play a game yourself before cheering on your favourite team.

Tea sampling in Maokong

Maokong is most famous for its many teahouses, and the area comes alive at night, with some teahouses open 24 hours a day. After the ascent up the mountain, you’ll be rewarded with the aroma of freshly brewed tea and the spectacular night scenery. Every teahouse in Maokong has its own unique charm, with some known for their spectacular views of Taipei by night and others for their unique tea-based dishes.

The opening of the Maokong Gondola has proven a significant boost for the teahouses of Maokong. People crowd into the teahouses during holiday times, and they’re also a popular place to go after nightfall. As Maokong, also known as the “Tea Village”, is most famous for its Tieguanyin tea, the Taipei Tea Promotion Center for Tieguanyin and Baozhong is located there. If you arrive early, you can pop into the Promotion Center to learn a little about the tea-making process and tea-tasting methods before heading to the teahouse to put your newly acquired knowledge into practice when you taste the tea.

Yongchungang Park

Yongchungang Park offers one of Taipei’s best and most popular night-time views, especially if you don’t like to climb up and down mountains. This park is one of the entrances to the Four Beasts Mountains and is close to Yongchun Senior High School, less than a 3-minute walk from the bus station.

The Yongchungang Trail in the park is about 1 km long, with mostly small, fairly flat steps. It’s an easy walk to the observation platform overlooking the most prosperous part of Xinyi District, the Taipei 101 building, and the charming, gorgeous night view of the city that never sleeps. Want to enjoy a night view of Taipei after dinner, but don’t want to climb the mountain or go to the tall buildings downtown? Come to Yongchungang Park and enjoy the city from a different angle.

Art Night in NTCH

Located in Bo’ai Special Zone in Taipei, NTCH (officially called the National Theater and Concert Hall), is Taiwan’s first national arts and cultural performance venue and one of the most important landmarks in Taipei. NTCH offers facilities including a theatre, concert hall and auditorium. The exterior resembles a Chinese palace, featuring a yellow tiled roof, red columns and coloured arches that add to its stately elegance.

NTCH offers a diverse programme of music and drama performances throughout the year. Renowned musicians and orchestras from all over the world are invited to perform from time to time, much to the delight of music fans. Many major international arts festivals are held here every year, introducing audiences to classic and avant-garde performances from all over the world.

Firefly watching tour

Fireflies can be seen everywhere in downtown Taipei from the end of April to the start of June each year, with the peak season around the end of April. Head to places like Shuicheliao Trail along Bamboo Lake in Beitou District, Cuishan Trail in Shilin District, and Hushan Nature Trail in Xinyi District from around 6.30 pm for the best sightings.

Fireflies can only survive in an environment that has clean water and is free from light pollution. As the climate changes, they are finding it difficult to adapt, resulting in an ever-shrinking habitat. Many firefly viewing sites in Taipei are being renovated or artificially restored to provide fireflies with an ideal environment free of pollution so that we can see their spark again.

Night outing at Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Huashan 1914 Creative Park, formerly known as “Taipei Wine Factory”, stages a full range of wonderful exhibitions and activities throughout the year. The open-air market is always crowded with people who go there to pass the time during the day, but it’s just as charming by night. When the lights come on, the park takes on an entirely new appeal. Start your evening with dinner at one of the park’s restaurants while enjoying the view of Taipei by night and the lights of the park. After dinner, you can wander around the park and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere – completely different from that during the day.

Designated a historical site by the city, this park has many ancient buildings with a long history. When lit up, the park takes on a special romantic ambience. If you visit Huashan Park before the sun goes down, you’ll get to see the beautiful scenery illuminated by the sunset until nightfall, when all the lights come on. It’s a magical experience that you’ll never forget.

Rejuvenating massage

Whether you prefer Taiwanese, European or Thai-style massage, there are plenty of spas to choose from along the streets and lanes of Taipei. If you want to really treat yourself, visit an aromatherapy spa in one of the city’s high-rise buildings, where you can enjoy a massage from the world’s top aromatherapists using natural plant essential oils.

Meridian massage, which is a typical Chinese-style massage, helps relax your muscles and nerves by massaging your feet, neck and shoulders. Thai massage, which helps to alleviate fatigue and relax your whole body, is also available in Taipei.

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