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Sydney | Australian Cuisine at its best

For many tourists, modern Australian cuisine may come as exotic. National restaurants in Sydney serve many a unique treat that can’t be found in other cities of the world. Additionally, there are also classic British dishes on the local menu, so fans of traditional treats won’t have any discomfort. A portion of typical national food is a meat layer pie, which can be cooked with the addition of different types of meat.

Seafood platters are common in local restaurants. The barracuda caught in the Cleveland area is pretty popular here. Every experienced chef has it to be a matter of honour to cook fish following the author’s unique recipe, so in every restaurant, barracuda is cooked in a unique way. Another local delicacy is a kangaroo steak. In addition to the dish, a great garnish of mushrooms or fresh vegetables is often served. Adherents of vegetarian food would also appreciate local menu, as you can eat vegetable dishes in Sydney at any time of the day. Juicy salads of cucumber, celery, mushrooms and fresh herbs are offered in both major restaurants and small outdoor cafes.

Among everyday dishes, fried chicken steals the show; it is decorated like a festive meal. The chicken is laid in the middle of a large dish; it is rounded with crisp potatoes, fried eggplant and tomatoes, so the dish looks fantastic. Fans of meat treats should definitely appreciate the local barbecue; many restaurants have open kitchens and cook meat and vegetables on the grill.

Fried possum meat, stewed crocodile, a special kind of fresh oysters and blue crab meat – those are names of rare delicacies attracting most discerning gourmets to restaurants of Sydney. For dessert, local restaurants will offer visitors a huge variety of exotic fruits. They are served fresh and cooked in the most amazing ways. The most interesting among desserts is Pavlova. These are small pieces of fresh kiwi served with the most delicate airy meringue and cream. In addition to refreshments, it is always possible to order a glass of local wine or a mug of excellent beer. Local spirits are popular all over the world.

Tetsuya’s restaurant serves mouthwatering oriental delicacies and sweets. They get the Japanese dishes cooked in a French manner, which makes them even more unique. Among the restaurants devoted to national cuisine Bilson’s is worth a mention. The restaurant often hosts various theme dinners, during which visitors are offered to enjoy Italian, French and even Russian dishes.

15Sydney Tower Restaurant is a wonderful place located in a high tower. Roast camel, kangaroo steaks and ham are its specialties to name a few. The restaurant offers stunning panoramic views of Sydney. The specialties of Aria restaurant are succulent pork with sauce and grilled kingfish. Fans of simpler dishes can order traditional vegetable salads and fruit desserts.

The look of Buon Ricordo restaurant is reminiscent of an old village eatery, but its menu is not as easy as it might seem at a glance. The speciality of this restaurant is grilled shrimps, which are often ordered with artichokes and sweet fennel salad.

Even during a simple walk on the streets of Sydney travellers can try popular food. Vibrant local streets have become home to numerous food carts and open-air cafes that offer the most popular fast food in the region. Here travellers will find various types of sausages that can be roasted on big frying pans or grilled. Vegetables are usually cooked on an open fire. Local street cafes also offer various pastries that are very interesting to try.

Budget tourists will find it very exciting to visit Thievery bistro that offers a broad range of original and inexpensive dishes. It is a great venue to try various interesting snacks that are usually served on thin crispy tortillas. Don’t forget to try hummus that is considered a signature meal of this bistro. The dining venue also offers popular dishes of Lebanese and the Middle East cuisines. To the service of guests, there is a rich choice of wine and beverages.

Hopefully, this article gives you a good, solid list of what to eat in Sydney. If there’s one thing to definitely give a try in Australia to, it’s the cafes! The things to eat in Sydney are endless, with each one of them equally meeting expectations as the next.

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